Searsucker and Sprinkles

Pants: Express, Blazer and T-Shirt: Target, Shoes: Aldo, Purse: Michael Kors, Bracelets: Target, Ring: Aldo Accessories, Earrings: the fabulous, Marthe Pinaire
 Hey...Hey...Hey! I hope you all had a great weekend! I did. So much so that I almost had a bit of depression about having to go back to work in the Concrete Jungle this morning. I covered up my filthy hair...in a sexy lavender shower cap with a headband around the outside because the elastic is broken (lovely mental picture, huh?)...and reluctantly got into the shower this morning. I had no idea what to wear, but it was unseasonably cold, so I grabbed my favorite red pants and a long v-neck tee. This t-shirt is usually paired with black yoga pants and goes no further than my loveseat (where I must admit that I can watch Bravo and HGTV for so long that I have to reposition just to avoid bedsores). On a side note: I met a new friend this weekend who also loves her black yoga pants, Bravo television, hates milk, can only eat eggs when they are loaded with other things, has fantastic eyebrows, loves eating at the same restaurants as I do, and believes that making dinner for someone calls for using her fancy dinner china. What!?! Do I have a girl crush? Why, yes, I do. Jessica and I met at church (well, actually we met almost 2 yrs ago in South Park Mall because she and my boyfriend went to undergrad together and then both went off to dental school), but we re-met yesterday at church when we slid into the seats right behind her (and her adorable husband). We chatted for a few minutes after church then went our separate ways (that is until we ended up at the same brunch spot). We got a table for 4 and sat there for almost 2 hours. Annnnd, the award for the best impromptu couples date  ever goes to....Jessica and Scott. SO fun. I love when stuff like that happens. Annnnyway. The outfit...pretty simple, matched the jewelry to the outfit, kept the accessories pretty minimal (for me anyway) and put on this searsucker blazer that I got at Target in like, 2007. I love this light, little, gray and white, preppy blazer. I am glad I never got rid of it in my closet overhauls...it's been on the chopping block a couple of times. I could have worn my favorite red lipstick with all of this other red, but I only had hot pink in this purse so I went for it. 

Sooooooooooooooooo....I said I was done talking about my birthday,  but clearly... I LIED!!! Here are a few highlights from one of the very best birthday parties I have ever had.

Shirt and Skirt: LOTUS, Arm Candy: All Target
Let me tell you about THIS GUY! I spied him out of  the corner of my eye when we were pulling up to go into the Bday bash. I got out of the car and said..."WHAT??? You are fabulous...lemme see that blazer!!!" He turned around (because he knew if I was calling anyone fabulous it had to be him). I said.."Umm...it looks like your blazer and my skirt were separated at birth, lets take a picture to capture this moment!". He happily obliged, but I never got his name. I feel like we NEED to be friends. Does anyone out there know him??? If so, please let me know so I can stalk him and "accidentally" end up in the same place and start talking until we are BFFs.
Black Ring: LOTUS, Bracelets: all Target (except the incredible wrap one which was a gift from my girl EBONY), Watch: Michael Kors, Flower Ring: Veeeery Sex and The City, don't ya think? YUP...LOVE it! It was a gift from my fabulous sister friends, Heather and Krista. You'll be seeing a lot more of this. The other hands are my friend, Natalie's. She is a minimalist. The bracelet is a rather big step. She goes by the whole "less is more" thing...whatever that means?!?

CAKE...CAKE...CAKE! Yup...it said..."SUPA-HESS"! How fun. It was strawberry. I didn't have a piece at the party, but I cut it for others. Theeen...I sat it on my lap during the ride home and ate it with my fingers. Classy...I know.


  1. Jessica Reinsch Kirk4/23/2012 6:59 PM

    AHHHHHHH I just ready your little bloggy blog and the sweet things you said about me {I mean us}!! Thanks lady! My new goal is to buy clothes with more color so I can look like you...as you are GORGEOUS and have the cutest style {preppy meets VAVAVOOOOOM} As for a crush, I've secretly stalked picts of you on your bf's page and always adored your style. You ROCK lady!

    Yes, I love the yoga pants and had them on today while rocking out 45 minutes on a stair stepper...thought of you!!!! Hahaaa. Hope to see you Thursday at Petal so we can drink some bubbly together :)

  2. AHHHHHH-YESSSSS!!!! I love mutual girl crushes! I'm so jealous that your yoga pants were on the stair stepper. Mine were used to blog comfortably. UGH.

    Thursday it is! See you then, sweetie!!! <3