BoGo: Bonus Post

 Shirt: LOTUS, Skirt: Forever 21, Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Watch and Purse: Michael Kors, Rings: Stella & Dot and Aldo Accessories, Bracelets: Ivy &Leo, HandPicked, Beach store in Fort Lauderdale, Necklaces: Stella & Dot

1. This is my new favorite shirt. I got it from LOTUS a few weeks ago. It is a little sheer at the top, but overall very casual. It's a subtle, light rose color and I am thinking it's going to look great this summer with a little bit of a tan.  I paired it with this cheapo skirt  today (less than $8 at F21).  Although, it was pretty hot out today, so truth be told I was concerned that if my butt or back started sweating at any point in the day I would be "that girl" walking around with a butt sweat stain. Crisis averted though, I stayed sweat free all day. #Winning. I have been battling a headache for a couple of days, so I didn't really feel like putting much effort into well, anything this morning, but once I got the shirt and skirt on, I just kept piling on the accessories (or banglies "BANG-lee's" as my BF calls them).

2. Speaking of "banglies", my left arm is my favorite part of this outfit. I love the mixed metal (gold, rose gold, and silver) bracelets stacked into a festive arm party. I also love this snake ring. It was a gift for Valentine's Day and one of my most favorite pieces. This ring actually made me feel quite young and hip today (wow, I sound old saying that). As I mentioned in my last post. I turn 32 tomorrow and I am not quite yet okay with it. However, when I handed the 18 year-old cashier at Rite-Aid my debit card today she was like "Oh....My....God. I looooove your ring. Where can I get one. I absolutely love it. It's soooo cool." Yes, she was very excited about it and the fact that she was young and cool (think edgy, Rhianna looking) made me, for a split second, feel the same. 

3. I have not washed my hair since Saturday morning, hence the messy ponytail. I always wrap it with two holders so it stays "up" and keeps the volume at the top.

Bonus Post from Saturday night:

I remember when I was a kid, watching T.V. and seeing a group of fabulous women all dressed up, dining at swanky restaurants, sipping on martinis, laughing and living it up. I loved those images, but thought that those nights were for "other" women. Women who live in big cities, and small apartments. Women who didn't have kids, embraced inevitable aging, and somehow maintained a size 2 all while eating decadent meals and mindlessly consuming cocktails. In other words, not women who grew up like me, frizzy haired, crooked teeth, chubby, and always conscious of a dollar and every cent that (hopefully) accompanied it. Buuut...wha-la....here we are! Women who work, have body issues, raise kids, struggle, have up and down relationships, and once in a while...take a moment to celebrate how far we have come. I couldn't help but think that as I looked around the table Saturday night. We may be the "Sex & The City" rejects, but there we were, sipping martinis in one of Charlotte's hotspots, laughing, reconnecting and seizing the day (or night in this case). Annnnd...as soon as I sat down and looked straight ahead...BAM...I was staring at my favorite local blogger (Lindsey Regan Thorne) and her AHH-MAZING friend and photographer (Kristin Vining). I was almost star struck. I keep up with their work and look at it DAILY (which I can't say I do with many other bloggers). I admire their drive, creativity, tenacity, and fun-loving personalities. They are fabulous. I mean...really fabulous. So.....instead of sitting there thinking about how I wished I had the "balls" to get up and introduce myself. I just did it. Before I had time to talk myself out of it. It was a bit intimidating, considering they were sitting with a party of at least 10, but I got up, walked over, apologized for interrupting, and proceeded to introduce myself. I told them just how much I admired their work and what a fan I was. Lindsey and I had e-mailed back and forth once or twice and when she saw me she said..."You're...you are...ModaFresca". I was on cloud nine. I went back to my seat, proud of my ability to "talk to strangers" and went on with my night. But, wouldn't you know, that before they walked out they came up to me to say goodbye and that's when we snapped this picture. Now that may seem silly, or ridiculous to some, but guys have their favorite athletes, news junkies have Anderson Cooper, Hollywood fanatics have Brad and Angelina, and I have local artists/bloggers! I was pumped. Kristin (photog) is on the left of me in the 2nd picture of the 2nd row, and little Lindsey (blogger and MUA) is on the right. Gorgeous. Right!?!


  1. I absolutely adore you and it was sooooo GOOD to finally meet you!! Thank you doll for taking the chance and coming to our table ~ I'm so happy that you did... you are gorgeous with MAD style! I adore you, love! I about LOL'd about your comment... "SATC rejects..." I get that same EXACT feeling ALL THE TIME! LOL! You and your girlfriends are too cute... we need to reconnect soon!! xoxo

  2. YAAAAAAY!!! So glad you like the little homage! Made me so happy to finally meet you! You name the time and place and I am there. Joint style post? LETS DO THIS! <3