Twenty-Two...Errr...Umm...I mean, 32

Shirt: Ann Taylor, Skirt: Forever 21, Shoes, Aldo, Purse and Bracelets: Target, Necklace: (I'll get back to you-I forgot), Watch: Michael Kors, Earrings: LOTUS (SisStyle) Photos: CARRIE HAWKINS FOUST...my BFF and I "Birthday Blogged" together! REUNITED and it feels so good!!)
If you read this blog somewhat regularly you are probably quite tired of "hearing" me talk about my birthday. Well...it has now come and gone. I am 32 years old...officially. There were no major watershed event associated with the day. The sky did not fall, a meteor did not crash into the Atlantic, nor did not wake up with a bum back, or a face full of wrinkles (new ones anyway). Crisis narrowly averted. I don't know what I was afraid of. I am over it now...well...kind of. The day was nice and better than normal. After work (my brother, his fiance, my boyfriend and) I went out for dinner and a few drinks. It was really nice. We went to SOUL on Central, but there was a wait so we went downstairs into Twenty-Two (which is 10 years older than I now am...oh wait...I said I was over it...DANG). Twenty-Two is an art gallery/lounge/bar. I took some pictures to share. You should go if you are in the area. It's pretty sweet inside and has a great laid back vibe. After hanging out downstairs, we went up to SOUL where I proceeded to eat 3 times my body weight in tapas and martinis (delicious ginger mango ones)....it seemed like a good idea at the time. I blame the elastic waistband of the skirt. I didn't know I was that full because I was never uncomfortable. I was nice and comfy in my obscene gluttonous black-out gorge-fest. UGH.

Anyway....this is what I wore yesterday to work (and out later). I paired this great fuchsia blouse with (another) cheapo skirt from Forever 21 and then threw on pink shoes. I could have went with a classy nude pump, but birthdays (and every other day) call for bold shoe choices. The stripes/color of this skirt reminded me that I had a new(ish) necklace that I have never worn that matches it perfectly. I LOOOOVE this necklace. It is really long. So long in fact that I have a HUGE bow tied in the back. So... I'll probably trim it way down because as much as I am a girly-girl I don't do over-sized bows growing out the back of my neck (oh and it jacked up my hair, which is probably the real reason it annoyed me).  The preppy/nautical feel of the necklace and the skirt made me think of my sweet little "Sailor Sally" earrings from SisStyle. I got my pair (and the pair I sent home to my step-mom) at LOTUS in Charlotte, but if you don't live here you can find them via that link (you're welcome #takes a bow). And...although sporting a wrist full of bracelets is not new for me, I went with NEON choices yesterday and I loved it. These bracelets were $4.00 a piece and I got them all (all but the elephant one) from Target; 3 for $12...now that's what the heck I am talkin' about! I piled so many on that there was no room for my watch so I put it on my right wrist. Now that I think about it there are some pretty crazy jewelry pairings going on here. Pearls, striped fabric and sapphire-like gems, neon friendship bracelets, gold watches and button earrings. It kind of looks like a 9 year old, a hippie, and an old woman from Boca all had a say in dressing me today....but I'm fine with it. :)

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  1. You are the best! Thanks for the shout-out!