Shoes: Shoe Dazzle

Dress: French Connection

Dress: c/o LOTUS

Shoes: ShoeDazzle

Faux-Fur: Michael Kors

Miss "FLY PIE" herself...Ebony of RAE IMAGES
It is pretty hard for me to get out of bed in the morning. I have a lot to be thankful for and look forward too, but when I am forced to wake up for work the furthest thing from my mind is getting up and "seizing the day". I'm actually so grumpy that if someone mentioned "Carpe Diem" I'd punch them in the same mouth that uttered those words. I feel that way every single Monday-Friday morning....except, that is....THIS morning. THIS morning, as I was checking my e-mail from my phone in bed, I saw a notification from Facebook stating that Ebony S tagged a picture of me. In that instant I had 2 very conflicting emotions. Emotion #1. FEAR. Is it just me, or does anyone else get that sinking feeling when they get that notification? That...ewww...I hope it's not the most gawd-awful picture of me that ever existed...I hope that one look at it doesn't make me angry with myself or make me decide to never wear that outfit again...does it look like I have 2 chins...did I forget to put my hand on my hip and end up with the fattest upper arm this side of the Mississippi?!?! Gee, I sure hope I am not the only one who feels that way. Anyway, Emotion #2. Peaked Interest. My girl Ebony, is a photographer. An amazing photographer, and she doesn't just go around tagging hideous pictures of her people. But...she hasn't taken a pic of me in a while, so I wondered what it could be. So, with gritted teeth and squinted eyes, pulling away from the phone (you can't undo that Facebook Tag fear even when you know better), I looked at what Ebony S had posted. It was a photo of my boyfriend and I and a link to her RAE IMAGES blog. For my birthday, she gave me the greatest gift. A huge shout out on her blog and showered me with all sorts of compliments that are FAAAAAAR too gracious. I shouldn't have been as surprised as I was because you see...my friend, Ebony is a rare breed. THIS CHICK RIGHT HERE.......lifts me up, challenges me, INSPIRES, supports, humbles, pushes me, and LIGHTS UP each one of my days. Even the days that we don't communicate (which are rare), thoughts of Ebony are like Red Bull for my soul and spirit. She is so beautiful (and truly has NO idea that she is), an AMAZINGLY gifted photographer, she warms people up with her presence, she sparks people's inner most desires with her love of all things BIG/BOLD/NEVER BEEN DONE. If you dream a dream that seems impossible and no one else in the world will have your back, or deep down believe in you...EBONY will believe in you. She does this for me and I am a big believer that in her art (photography) you cannot be successful unless you can see/feel/experience real emotion. How else would you know how to CREATE then capture it?!? Here are some photos (that were ModaFresca relevant) that Ebony took of me and the BF in late December. When I look at these I smile. Not (just)because I love all the glitter, sequins, high heels, and faux-fur...but because when Ebony and I talked about a photo session (I wanted some pics of my BF and I that didn't include a vodka tonic or a photo bomber in the background), it was Ebony that suggested going BIG. She embraces the LOVE LIFE, LIVE LIFE mentality. When others may try to make you feel small, stupid, or narcissistic about doing something so different, others (MY GIRL) pushes you to go farther, faster, BIGGER! She says, "Hess...you only live once, FLY PIE...go big or go home"!! Some day when I am really old, I'm going to have bunions the size of golf balls on my feet, boobs that won't look good in a v-neck, legs that stay in sweat pants, and lips that have deep smile lines around them. In those days I will look back on these photos and smile. Young, Wild, and Free. I will smile, and then I will call my friend, Ebony, who will will get me just as hyped (about the 5:30 Senior Discount at the local diner and Bingo at 6:30) as she does today. Ebony helps me live my life more fully. My wish for you is that you have a friend like this. If you don't though...go find your own. Ebony is busy enough...don't be trying to steal her out from under me. I fight dirty.

"Like" her FB page to be kept up to date on her work and check out her RAE IMAGES blog for a dose of her passion, and boundless talent.


  1. You are sooo Amazing- And! You make me look SOOOO good! -:) ...I am humbled and eternally grateful. Love you Chica - til the end of time- and then some. THANK YOU!!

  2. Beautifully written, Melissa. Ebony is a mighty angel and blessing to all that come in contact with her!