Beach Bash at Seabrook Island

Little Peanuts...Shawn and Alyssa got married this past weekend and everything was puuuurfect! The weather, the setting, the dress, suits, BM dresses, details, speeches, music and the "vibe". It was a touching, beautiful ceremony, and a throw-down fun reception. I've known Shawn for years. He and my little brother are childhood friends and Shawn moved down to Charlotte from our hometown in NY a few years ago. Alyssa is a sweetheart...so sweet, funny, kind, and pretty. She and Shawn make the cutest couple and I was honored to be a part of the most amazing day of their lives. Here are some details of their big day at the beach. I also tried to take a few pictures of what I wore (since that is the whole point of this blog). I took awkward pictures in the car on the way to the ceremony. My dress is from LOTUS, and it is the most perfect fuchsia color in the world. I paired it with this preppy pearl necklace, a nude belt (and nude pumps), and then matched my lips to my dress. Done and done. Annnd...while all of the pictures paint the picture of a gorgeous, classy wedding, what I did not capture was the limbo line (under two guys who tied their ties together for the limbo "stick"), the Justin Bieber wig that my brother pulled out for a battle on the dance floor, or the toast from the bride's father that included the statement "I've found out that red heads really do have souls" (the groom is a redhead). It was an amazing day, celebrating two very special people. So cheers...to Mr. and Mrs. Cox, wishing you a lifetime of happiness and lots of (future) sweet-souled little Ginger babies!!!

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