"I'm gonna come at you like a Spider Monkey."

Golf Outfit: All by NIKE at Dicks Sporting Goods
We attended a (beautiful) wedding in Charleston, SC this weekend. The girls spent Friday at the beach, and the dudes went golfing. This is my BF's golfing outfit. I thought he looked so cute in it. When he was getting ready he said..."I think you'll be proud of me; I went outside of my box with this one, babe".....and boy, did he. Lots of bright green....and PLAID on top of that. He usually sticks to solids, sporting khaki or white shorts with a Carolina blue Polo shirt for golf. Preppy is not really his style, so when he golfs he is a bit out of his comfort zone (fashion-wise). I would say he has an aversion the preppy style of dress. No...an allergy. Allergy is a much better word. He is deathly allergic to all things stemming from a traditional Southern style. No Rainbow flip flops, no croakies (those things that hold your sunglasses around your neck), and he would not be caught DEAD in shorts that fell above the knee (or anything with embroidered turtles, crabs, or flamingos on them). He went to medical school in Charleston, SC and was surrounded by this style. Preppy was eeeeeeverywhere. So, the fact that he picked out this outfit (by himself) and then wore it in public....well, it just had to be documented. This is by FAR the preppiest thing I have ever seen him in. I about choked on surprise. I really could not believe it. So, it's no surprise that I came at him like a Spider Monkey (yes, I have resorted to quoting Talladega Nights/Ricky Bobby). I stalked him with my camera, taking shots like paparazzi. I was all up in his grill.  I took all of these shots in about 15 seconds. I trailed behind him like a creeper as we walked to the car in the hotel parking lot. I slowly and silently got my camera out of my bag... and when he wasn't looking...I attacked. I took shots of him unlocking the car, throwing his clubs into the trunk, and giving me the stank, screw face. ;) I thought he looked adorable though. (He'd probably give me another stank face for referring to him as "adorable", but whatever.) He was the best dressed, most handsome golfer I had ever seen. I mean, really....look at all that golf "SWAAAAG"!!!

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