Mullet Fluffer

Skirt: LOTUS, Tank: Nordstroms, Shoes: Some random shop in NYC, Watch and Clutch: Michael Kors, Bracelet: mixed metal one is from LOTUS/black one is (a gift from my Dad and Stepmom :) from Fort Lauderdale/Silver one is from The Bag Lady in CLT (gift from my Mom), Rings: Levian (Jared) and The Boulevard at South End, Earrings, Zia (Savannah), Necklaces: Stella & Dot

1. As soon as I saw this skirt at LOTUS I dubbed it the "Reverse Mullet Skirt". As we all know, mullet haircuts are business in the front (short) and party in the back (varying degrees of length, dependent upon varying degree of Redneck sporting it). This however, is the reverse. It is all PAR-TAAAY in the front (short, ruffles) and business in the back, almost Amish ankle-length. I love it. It has a weird, kind of unflattering elastic at the top that digs riiiight into love-handles (and if you don't have any love-handles...well, do me a favor and go play in traffic because I "hatechoo") so I opted for a long flowy tank to go with it. However, if you have the perfect body, it really would look best paired with a much more fitted tank.

2. Look at these earrings!!! WHHHHAAAAAATTTTT? How amazing are these suckers??!!?? I saw them while we were walking around Savannah. I became instantly obsessed with them, and must not have SHUTTHEHECK up about them for a while, because my boyfriend walked back into the store and got them for me. Awwwww. So nice, right? They are so unique...like little works of art. They are carved out of Ebony Wood and remind me of my other new obsession..."Game of Thrones". We just watched the entire first season (over the course of about 2 weeks) on Apple TV and are afraid to start season two, because we do not want it to be over. I am not normally a fan of dragons, or anything really Sci-Fi....but this show has me in the choke hold. I love it and these earrings reminded me of Khaleesi (character reference for the other 3 fans out there...Nat-Dog, Nicole...and maybe one more...you know who you are).

3. Theme for the day..."HOPE". It's etched into my bracelet and ring. I have been feeling REALLY disheartened lately about the fact that Amendment One passed here in North Carolina, so maybe I subconsciously gravitated to these pieces because I am trying to grab a hold of some hope for some  change that is loooong overdue. 

4. Taking it back to mullets for a second....I just thought of this as I was sitting here typing. I used to have a friend in college who had a love/hate relationship with mullets. He hated them, but he loved to see them. He used to slowly walk up to a guy with a mullet (in a bar, or any other public place really) and get creepily close. He would act like he was getting a beer, grabbing something on the other side of said mullet-man, pretend he dropped something on the floor, etc., and randomly touch the long part of the mullet for fun. Yup...he would actually FLUFF the back of a strangers mullet. If the guy felt it and turned around (which they almost ALWAYS did), he would just stand there staring completely straight-faced into the distance, or casually say "Hey, Man" and walk away. It was hilarious. I almost peed my pants once watching it happen in a bar. Naturally, we dubbed him "The Mullet Fluffer". HAHAHAHA....I am sure the story is WAY funnier in my head, but I thought I'd share anyway. Mullet Fluffer...friggin' classic. Ahh....memory lane.

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