Introducing...The "SKRESS"

Skirt/Dress: LOTUS, Necklaces: LOTUS, Earrings: The Limited, Bracelets: Villa (Savannah and gift from my Dad and Step-mom), Watch: MK, Purse, Ring and Mobilexpressions iPhone Case: All TARGET, Shoes: Aldo, Tank: Nordstrom (photos: MY BFF <reunited and it feels so good>, Carrie Hawkins Foust)
Is it a skirt? Or, is it a dress?? The answer...it is BOTH. BOO-YA!!!! Yup, this pretty purple piece of perfection (how's that for alliteration) doubles as a bottom and an entire outfit in and of itself! I scored it at LOTUS (still in stock as of Sunday). I wore it last Friday (as a dress) out to a friend's going away party, and today as a skirt. It's kind of tricky to pull off if you are a girl with a large chest, cause it just kind of falls from there (you can wined <is that the right way to use that word?> up feeling like you are wearing a tent), but the fact that it is short  allows enough skin to show, so it balances out the very flowy, kind-of shapeless top. If you are a little "trepidatious" about wearing it as a dress for fear that it will make you look large and in charge, try cinching it at the middle with a skinny belt to show off your waist. Buuuut....if you want to go out, eat and drink your face off and not give a flying crap about "sucking in"...wear it just like I did. I love this thing. Makes me happy. It's a great piece to travel with. It does not look bad if it gets a little wrinkly, you can wear it 2 ways, and you can rock it casual or dressy (heels or sandals). BAM. It does not suck. So, you may be thinking..."Wow, that's great, Melissa, lucky you...you have a skirt that doubles as a dress, but I don't and I'm outta cash/don't live near LOTUS, blah, blah, blah". Try it. Find a long maxi skirt with an elastic(ish) waistband, and hike it on up. Throw a belt around your waist and see if it also works as a strapless dress. It just may!

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