Luna's Living Kitchen/Atherton Market

Shirt: Ann Taylor Loft, Skirt: Target, Shoes: LOTUS, Necklace: Vendor in NYC and LOTUS also had it, Bracelets: Black and Blue one-Century 21 (NYC), Cross bracelet-(Villa in Savannah), Watch: Michael Kors, Earrings: Marthe Pinaire, Phone Case: Target
It's Tuesday after work, and I am getting ready to make dinner as I write this. I am pretty pumped about it. It's not unusual for me to get excited about eating, but I am about to boil up some homemade butternut squash gnocchi, then slice and dice some fresh veggies from the Market at Atherton Mill. That makes my kitchen sound so sophisticated and interesting, doesn't it? Pay no attention to the Easy Mac and Fronions (yes...as in fake fried onions) in the pantry (which, in my defense...are NOT mine). 
I was hanging out with my beautimous, hilarious FSIL (future sister-in-law) on Saturday afternoon and introduced her to one of the BEST restaurants in Charlotte (in my humble opinion)...LUNA'S LIVING KITCHEN!! It is a completely vegan restaurant (as in don't ask for butter for your bread, cause there ain't any...no animal products at all, dude). I was looking for a good veggie burger one day and remembered that someone recommended this place to me at one point. So...I drove there, got the Fire & Brimstone veggie burger, and have never been the same. All other veggie burgers...BOW TO YOUR LEADER. Sweet laaaawd, it is good. Oh, and don't worry that it is some elitist place where only really "granola" hipsters hang out. They are not going to judge you for wearing leather shoes  (get it, vegan... leather... one of these things is not like the other) in there, all types of people come in and out and ask a million questions about the menu. Just come with an open mind and a craving for really good, natural, wholesome food. You will not be disappointed. I promise. AnyWHO...while my FSIL (I call her "Breezy", but not as in "easy-breezy"...Breezy, just sounds like her government name) and I were there we noticed a little market right next door. We wandered in and fell in love. The Market at Atherton Mill is full of local treasures....a homemade lemonade stand, flower vendors, people selling fresh veggies, local wine, pastas, pastries, cheeses, jewelry, teas, and the list goes on. Everything in the market is locally made and fan-friggin-tastic. Breezy even called her parents from that very market to try to convince them to move down here to sell their "famous" pepper jelly and other delicious treats (here's to hoping). Oh, and this is what I wore today. Forgive me, as much as I love clothing and accessories, sometimes there are much more interesting things that just need to be shared. :)

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