Silky Blue Blanket and Slimy Hair

Dress: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Earrings: Vivian B.

I worked from home today, so "doing" my hair was not in the plan. After I got out of the shower I put  a Moroccan Oil conditioning mask in my hair and threw it up to let it marinate. I wasn't kidding in the last post when I lamented about how bone dry my hair is. Stupid sun, bleach, dryer, flat iron, curling iron...ugh. I wish I was blessed with hair that could go from the shower to the general public without scaring children. However I was not, so from time to time I have to let conditioner just sit in my hair all day long w/o washing it out. I planned on rinsing it out to "get ready" for a meeting I had tonight, but when it came time, I decided to put on red lipstick and (just about the world's coolest pair of) earrings instead to deter from my slimy up-do. 
I found this maxi-dress in Savannah, GA at Urban Outfitters. It's really comfortable, but not very flattering. There is no shape to it at all, so if you have an umm...ample chest, the dress just falls straight down from your largest point and kind of makes you look like one of those tents you used to make in your living room when you were a kid with blankets and sheets. Fun...yes, Comfy...yes, but, should you really wear the blue twin-sized fuzzy blanket with the silky edges...not so much (in our house, the tents always included the fuzzy blue blanket with the silky edge that my brother carried around like Linus on Charlie Brown). Sometimes though the comfort factor is more important than the flattering factor. I will admit though that because the maxi made me feel quite large and in charge, I put some heels on with it so I didn't add short and stubby to my extra-wide profile. The length of the dress supports heels.
On to the most important part of the get-up though...these muthatruckin' earrings. WHAT, WHAT???? I got these little guys in January at Vivian B. in NoDa. I LOVE them. They are far too big for me to wear with my hair down, plus they kind of get lost in blonde hair, but with your hair up and slicked back....BOO-YA! You can't miss them! They aren't as heavy as they look, it's just that my lobes are really stretched out, so even little posts make my lobes sag. If my lobes were the only things that were sagging as I aged, I'd be cool with that. However...they are not, but that's a whole different rant. Stupid gravity.

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