Revolve/Shop Olive Online

If you read the captions in the last photos of each outfit post on this here blog, you'll find that I list where I got pretty much everything I wear. So...."Shop Olive Online" may not be new to you. Buuuut, did you also know that the FANTABULOUS woman who runs that online women's boutique ALSO owns an upscale consignment shop for men, called REVOLVE??? Man, this chick makes me feel like a lazy sloth every time I think of her. Not only is she a smart entrepreneur, she is also a beautiful, fun-loving, sweet soul. So...I thought I'd giver her a shout-out by sharing all the cool stuff she doing. I wonder if this chick sleeps, or if she just plugs into the wall to charge?? Does she have an extra 3 hours in the day that the rest of us don't know about? Perhaps she does...perhaps she does...
My boyfriend and I both shop with Amy. We love her. You will too. You can find, Revolve, on East Blvd. right across from the Harris Teeter plaza and since "Olive" is an online boutique...well, I am sure you can deduce where to go to find that.  Enjoy!

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