A Desk Job...What Now?

All images and pieces from Target.com
I was messaged recently by a girl I went to high school with. She was in a bit of a pickle. She has worn a uniform to work for years and years and years, and NOW  she has a job in a more corporate environment and has NO idea what to wear or buy. She also lives in the town I grew up in where shopping options are reeeeally limited (if not non-existent in some cases). So, I thought I'd put together a little inspiration board of sorts for her, and since we are all on a budget these days, every single thing you see here is from Target (which is only minutes from her new job). 

The way I see it is that you really only need:
-a few skirts, 
-a couple of cardigans, 
-a blazer, 
-a pair (or 2) of great fitting dress pants
-a pair of nude and/or black shoes (flats or heels, whichever you prefer)
- annnd....some pretty accessories won't hurt either

You can layer pieces and get a lot out of a little by mixing and matching. Figure out what you feel good in and get just a couple things at once. No need to break the bank. Oh, and if you can, try to find stuff that you will wear outside of work too. I love the wedges in the last picture for summer with a sundress, the trench can be worn through all of spring and fall (even into winter), and the polka dot skirt would look really cute with a with tank and flip-flops. 

Happy Shopping, Stacy (and everyone else). I hope this helps out!

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