Bringing Back Hammer Pants

Tank and Purse: Target, Pants: Ivy & Leo, Shoes: Jessica Simpson from Nordstrom Rack, iPhone Case: MobilExpressions at Target, Bracelet: Century 21 (NYC), Necklace: Bebe (SF), Earrings: SisStyle.net, Cross Bracelet: LOTUS

Are you a child of the 80's? I am! If you are, then you probably remember wearing Hammer pants (or at least laughing at people who did). Hammer pants, yes, as in M.C. Hammer. These aren't traditional Hammer pants (since they aren't tapered at the bottom), but they most definitely favor the 80's throwback trousers. Who would have thunk that 30 years later they'd be baaaack.  I was in the nail salon last week and a girl came in wearing these pants. After staring at her for about 20 minutes, I finally asked where she got them. She told me that she got them about 3 months ago at Ivy & Leo (a little boutique in CLT, NC). I was pretty bummed, because boutiques don't usually carry many of any one item, and I was convinced that they would be gone by now. But, I was curious, so I drove there immediately after leaving the salon. I walked in 3 minutes before closing, went right to the pants rack, and (...cue dreamy music...) there they were. One left, and in my size. Clearly, it was meant to be. I got them on Friday and wore them out on Saturday night. Annnd, here I am again, wearing them again today. I can't be stopped. I love them.


  1. Congrats on the fabulous pants and scoring the last pair in your size! Meant to be. So, I can't figure out where you are in these pictures???

  2. Hi LOVE! I am in the Steele Creek Area off of 485 and South Tryon. It's this random business park with this even more random and amazing HEAD hanging out in a pool of water. I love this thing!You know what else I am lusting over??? That Salvatore Ferragamo Multicolored Belted Silk Jumpsuit from your blog this week. I DIE!!!!!!!!