Emerald City

Shirt and Skirt: The Limited, Shoes: Aldo (San Fran), Clutch: Pink & Blue, Necklace: Stella & Dot, Bracelets: LOTUS, Watch: Michael Kors, iPhone Case: Mobilexpressions at Target

"What's up...Emerald City!" That is the first thing my friend, Nay-Nay (well, her name isn't really, Nay-Nay...but then again, my name isn't really Mi-Mi but that's what she calls me) , said when she saw me at work today. I suppose it is fitting. I have had this turquoise skirt and jade/emerald shirt for about a year now, but I never though to wear them together until I saw a magazine article pairing the two. These photos make the colors look more similar than they are in real life. In real life, they do this cool, "we kind of clash, but we kind of match" thing. More of your "fashion forward" friends  may just "get it", but the vast majority of everyone else....they are just going to think you got dressed in the dark. Oh well, such is life. I read a quote from Harry Winston today. It said, "People will stare. Make it worth their while." I doubt that my clashing colors really made looking at me worth anyone's while today, but I do like the concept of the quote. Just kind of boils down to "Do You". People are always going to look, talk, judge, and have an opinion, so you may as well focus on making yourself happy.  You're never going to make everyone happy...and remember, just because people (especially other women) are looking does not necessarily mean that they are thinking bad, or negative thoughts. They may just be complimenting you in their head. Of course, they may also be thinking that you look like a hot mess, but if they are thinking that then screw 'em. You don't need friends like that in your life. Right?

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