Sunday Style: the DURAG

Scarf: Express, Shorts: Old Navy (really old), Tank: Nordstroms, Shoes, Target, Clutch: Aldo, Necklace and Bracelet: Lotus, Ring: Aldo Accessories (I think), Earrings: Sis Style, iPhone Case: Mobilexpressions at Target, Watch: Michael Kors

I have never worn a scarf on my head. Around my neck? Definitely. As a belt? Yes. Tied one to a purse or suitcase? Sure. But, on my head, as a hairstyle? Nope. Until today (obviously). I went to Target this afternoon and while I was waiting in the checkout line I grabbed one of my favorite fashion magazine's, InStyle. After putting away my target goodies, I sat down on my loveseat and went through it...page by page...reading it...taking it all in...feeding off of it. I love busting open a new magazine and taking the time to really devour it.  In this issue, they did an interview with Nicole Richie (whose style I adore). They showcased some of her hair changes throughout the years, and the caption under one picture was a quote from her. It said, "I have two drawers of head scarves in my closet. They are a go-to for me." "Hmmmm", I thought...."head scarves"??? I don't feel like washing my hair today...let me see what I can come up with. So, here it is. My head, with a scarf on it. I like it. I put in a couple of curls at the end (because my hair was jacked up from sleeping on it in a pony tail), but if you didn't feel like doing all of that, a side ponytail or braid would also look cute with a scarf accessory. Hope you all had a great weekend, Mamacitas!

FYI - last time I wore this scarf was in November, in this post "Cornucopia of Colors"

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  1. Love!! My favorite to date!!! You look gorgeous and your outfit rocks. And, of course, loving that scarf on your head! Why does it have to be old?? I want that scarf! :)