Rainbow Brite Bangs

Dress: KK Bloom, Shoes: Target, Clutch: Shop Olive Online
I love this dress. It makes me feel like a grown up Rainbow Brite. If Rainbow Brite was into a Hippie Chic style that is (as opposed to astronaut space girl). Remember what she wore?  Pretty futuristic.  Maybe I feel like that loveable character because I cut my bangs yesterday? I cut them blunt last January and grew them right back out mere months later. I liked them, but I was not prepared to deal with them getting all sweaty and frizzy all summer. Now that it is cooling down, I was ready for a change again. So...the bangs are back. I feel a bit more myself with bangs. For some reason they make me feel less cookie-cutter, Southern blonde girl. Bangs make me feel like I look more like the Liberal Democrat that I am. No bangs, makes me feel a bit Conservative Republican. I don't know if you can predict political affiliation by looking at someone's hair, that may be all in my head, but whatever.

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  1. I know that dress! You look gorgeous, and I love your hair!!!!