Dumpster Diving and the Vestique Fashion Show

A couple of things...

1.No, I am not hanging out by a dumpster. I am hanging out by a receptacle that houses donated clothing. There is a difference. Every so often I clean out my closet and drop off bags (that I want to donate to Mission of Hope, NC) to this bin not far from my house. Yesterday I noticed that my outfit matched the donation bin and the graffiti "decorating" it. That in itself is reason enough to do an impromptu outfit post. Right?

2. Everything I am wearing just happens to be from the same place. It is all from a little boutique on East Blvd. (in Charlotte) called, Vestique. It's a super-cute shop, filled with really fun tops, bottoms, jewelry, and lots of dresses! I bought these jeans, this tank, AND this necklace there. I also turned a friend of mine onto the place last weekend and I am pretty sure it was love at first sight for her. She sent me a text saying..." I LOVE THIS PLACE" before I even got there to meet her. If you don't know where Vestique is, it is directly across the street from Cantina 1511. You can't miss the window full of cute, colorful, lust-worthy goodies. The window will lure you in, but what you can get for your money...now THAT is what will keep you coming back for more!

3. Vestique is one of the scores of local boutiques participating in STYLE NIGHT OUT this year, but before their BIG city-wide fashion show debut, they are having a preview party of sorts at their location this coming Thursday, August 16th from 7-9. If you have not checked out Vestique, this is your chance, and if you have (and love it already like me) then their fashion show will give you a chance to see what is going to be popping up in there come fall! Tickets are only $5.00 and you can get them in the store. Space for the show is limited, so be sure to get yours before they are gone. See ya'll there!!

*P.S.- *Your name will be added to a list at the door once you purchase your ticket. There is no need to print it out. 1532 East Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28203

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