Fat Medieval King

Shirt: Target, Skirt: Forever 21, Belt: Aldo, Shoes: Off Broadway, Watch and Purse: Michael Kors, Necklace: Vestique, Ring: I can't remember, maybe Target a year or more ago, Bracelet: Stella & Dot, Earrings: Ralph Lauren
I may be the best dressed homeless person in the county today (if I do say so myself). I've been out of my house this week due to renovations...living pretty much out of a gym bag. Oh, and then my car ended up in the shop (because the stupid "check everything before this thing blows up and you perish" light came on...yet again). I really do live as much out of my car as I do my home, so this week I have felt a bit like a vagabond...kind of roaming from place to place. One day, I even convinced a stranger to let me into the common room of my brother's apartment to wait for him to get home (apparently I don't look dangerous). I was driving around in a rental (albeit a really nice rental), but literally had no where to go. I've eaten out twice this week already, because I have no kitchen. Let me tell you, that's not so good for the ol' waistline. Why is it that you order things when you go out to eat that you would never eat if you were home? Like...oh, I don't know...stuffed pasta in creme sauce, bread dipped in olive oil, then all deliciously washed down with Pinot Grigio? Now, if I were home on a Wednesday night, I would have eaten a veggie burger and a bag of 5 minute steam-in-the-bag broccoli with spray butter but NOOOO....take me out to eat and I gorge myself like some fat, medieval king. I have no willpower. What I do have though is a great necklace. Right? Look at it. It is great. It adds a whole new dimension to this otherwise pretty predictable outfit. I'm a big fan of "color" so I had to find a way to sneak it in to this ensemble. The red lips came after work hours, and I love how they match this here statement piece. Annnnd...let's be honest...on some days (days when you lose your car to the mechanic for an undisclosed amount of time, your house is filled with strange dudes who smell of smoke, regret, and sawdust...and you can't find one shoe that matches the other) red lips and a matching necklace are all you have to hold on to.


  1. I love these earrings! I need a good pair of gold studs... The cheap-Os I keep getting at F21 tarnish after like 2 weeks. Where did you get these?

  2. Hey Kelly!
    I know the feeling! These are the only pair I have that have held up! I got them like 5 years ago at Macy's.they are Polo, Ralph Lauren. I don't know if they are still being sold, but I'm sure he's got something similar in style and quality out now. If I stumble upon any I'll let you know!!!