For My Curly-Haired Misses....

HOLA, MAMACITAS! I didn't plan on doing another hair post, but after yesterday's musings on shorter dos a dialogue opened up between some friends and myself about curly hair. Two of my friends in particular, Chris and Missy, wanted to see evidence that a girl with curly locks can chop off her hair and still look fabulous. Admittedly, naturally curly hair is the toughest to deal with many days. My hair is naturally really wavy, but it is not ringlets curly. Here are some photos I dug up last night that I love. I may pull Nicole Kidman's curls out a little just to mess them up, but that can also lead to frizz for our curly-haired sisters, so you have to be careful. One thing I noticed is that I gravitated to almost the same cut in all of these photographs. That doesn't mean it is the only cut you can get, it's just my favorite (well, I guess it's my favorite...I didn't consciously pull pics of the same cut). Hair is cut above the shoulders (falling not to far below the ear, actually), parted to the side and cut at an angle (a bit longer in the front that in the back to give it shape). If you have naturally curly hair, let me let you in on a little secret. There are these things called "Ouidad" salons and stylists all over the country that specialize in cutting and styling curly hair. They are amazing. I used to go to a salon that specialized in the Ouidad method and it was like Shangri-La for curly-haired women all over Charlotte. If you do not live near a Ouidad salon or stylist, never fear, get a good cut, then order Ouidad products online. They are the best. The website I just linked you to has products, tutorials, a link to a blog, and a "curl profiler" quiz to see what types of products are going to be best for your tresses. Oh, and in case you don't recognize the "celebrity" in the last photo, that is, Bettina, my sister from another Mister. Well, not really, she's my boyfriend's sister. She has been natural (minus weave, relaxer, etc.) for over a year now and I am obsessed with her hair. Look how beautiful it is. It's like you can finally see her face and all of it's perfection. It's perhaps the world's most perfect cut for a face (Tina...so help me LAWD if you ever put weave back in your head I will come at you like a Spider Monkey). I hate/love her for how great her hair is. Anyway.... this is too much "hair talk" before 9am. Over and Out, Ladies. Have a great, Tuesday!


  1. Ok now I want curly hair again!


  2. I know!! Me too. I want this cut and to be 100% assured that I will look like Rihanna when I'm done! XO