CLT Fashion Week: Emerging Designers Show


Last week at Style Night Out I was asked by the Producer and Media Director of Charlotte Fashion Week to host last night's Emerging Designer's Runway Show. Well, I really just opened it up, as opposed to hosting it. I got to wear a wireless microphone though (which was pretty cool), and once it was on about 6 people told me that  I looked like Janet Jackson. I can only assume that they were referencing the mic (because of her Superbowl performance, although, my breasts stayed inside of my dress the entire night), because I don't think Miss Jackson and I look alike. Know what I'm saying? We don't exactly resemble each other. Once I got asked to open up the show, my boyfriend got a VIP table for himself, his sis, and his friends... then I found out that I was being given 2 front row tickets for myself. SO....I invited my little, Shelby Elizabeth. We have a kind of mentor/mentee, sisterly, friendship. She is an absolute sweetheart, and LOVAAA of all things fashion! So, inviting her was a no-brainer. She was was front and center at her first fashion show and my heart was full watching her take it all in (especially when she said...."AGGHHH....our names are on our seats...in the FRONT ROW. No one else has their names on their seats!"). Naturally we took a picture. Is that corny? Sure it is. But was it SO fun? Absolutely.
The show featured new, up and coming, emerging designers...which was awesome. It was so cool to see their fun, fresh collections. Fashion...at it's worst, can be stuffy...pretentious, boring, and elitist. BUT...at it's best, it can be inspiring, empowering, cutting-edge, and inclusive. This was THAT kind of show. I really enjoyed it. 
Want to know what ELSE I really enjoyed? This Badgley Mischka dress. My brother Joseph calls me, Mischka...that is about as close as I thought I'd ever get to a Badgley Mischka dress. That is, until I heard about RENT THE RUNWAY. Have you guys heard of this website yet? You can rent designer dresses, gowns, and accessories for a FRACTION of the price. It's a great idea if you want a great, designer dress, but cannot afford one (like me). It's not so great, if you want to OWN one though... because, of course...you have to send it back. But, it's better to feel like Cinderella for a few hours, then to not go out at all just because you have to be home by Midnight. Know what I am saying?  I love this dress. It is classy, sexy, the most perfect shade of navy, and fit like a glove. Because it is enough on it's own, I only paired it with pearl stud earrings, one ENORMOUS cocktail ring, and nude peep-toe pumps. I got one bazillion compliments on it (which is always nice to hear when you feel like a MOOSE because you are surrounded by 16 year old, 90 lb. models...BARF (no pun intended). On a side note...how handsome does my Man-Friend look? I love his whole look top to bottom...two tone Oxfords, slacks, suspenders, bow tie. Perfection. Such a DAPPER, DAN!


  1. so cuuuteee :)


  2. Great photos!!! Love the one of you and your girlfriend at the beginning, watching. Also, LOVE the sequins and suspenders!! TOO cute! Sadly, I had to leave before the show even started

  3. Glamorous Girl and Queen City Style: Thank YOU! It was a really fun night!

    Whitley- we have to get together soon!

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