Crotch Snaps

Top: Ivy & Leo, Skirt: Forever 21, Shoes: ShoeDazzle, Necklace: Pink & Blue, Watch: MK, Bracelets: LOTUS, Ring: LeVian (Jared Jewelers), iPad case: Paper Skyscraper (CLT), iPhone Case: Mobilexpressions from Target
I am wearing a bodysuit today. I remember these being really big when I was in the 7th grade. I have always hated bodysuits. Not because I hate the way that they look, but because all the skinny girls wore them in middle school and I was far too chubby to pull one off. I was so jealous. Bodysuits of my youth were skin-tight, buckled at the bottom, had a scoop necks, and long sleeves. I remember thinking that the skinny girls who wore them looked like ballerinas when they had them on. There was this one girl I went to school with...Bridgette Fagnan. When she wore a bodysuit and GAP jeans, I wanted to die. I was too chubby for the bodysuit and too poor for GAP jeans, but she was perfection in both. I looked down at my baggy jeans and over-sized sweater from the $9.99 store and was flooded with feelings of inadequacy. (Jamie Downey...if you're reading this, do you remember all of our school shopping trips to the $9.99 store??) Fast forward 20 years...and the bodysuit and I meet again. This is not the bodysuit that made me cringe though. It is much more forgiving. It looks more like a scarf than a skin-tight ballerina leotard, it stays perfectly tucked in all day, and it has puffy, pirate-like sleeves. What's not to love? Besides the crotch snaps. They have not changed. You'd think that 20 years of technological and societal advances would allow us to figure out an alternative to crotch snaps, right? My phone can talk back to me, give me directions, and wake me up in the morning... but I am walking around with buttons between my legs. What's wrong with this picture?

P.S.- It is ridiculous how happy it makes me that my ipod case matches my skirt and top, AND that my iphone case matches my necklace. Dumb? Perhaps. Awesome? Definitely.


  1. I remember bodysuits in high school. I stay away from them due to the crotch snaps, too.

  2. Yeah...they are right behind "wet denim" on the list of being the single most uncomfortable things in the WORLD!! Hahahaha.... Thanks for reading, Kathleen!! <3

  3. BODYSUITS! I remember buying one to wear the first day of sixth grade at the local mall and my mom took it back. Which was probably for the better because I think life would have been a little different had I actually worn that to my first day of middle school. Too funny!

  4. PinQue-Isn't it hilarious how clothing decisions (the good, bad, and ugly) remind us of different times in our life? I love that. I also love that bodysuits are back. They are like the hipsters uniform. Only modern day bodysuits (Nasty Gal, ModCloth, and ASOS) have skulls and cross bones on them. They never would have worked in 6th grade!