A Bushel and a Peck...

Shirt: Marshalls, Skirt: Banana Republic, Shoes: ShoeDazzle, Watch: MK, Bracelet: Target, Ring: Jared, Earrings: SisStyle.net

Couple of things....

1. UGH................HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE THIS NECKLACE????? I love it a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck (my Grandma H. used to say that she loved me that much, so that is what I say when I love something A LOT). My fanfriggintabulous friends, Heather and Krista got it for me as a congratulatory gift for hosting the red carpet at Style Night Out. WHAT? Who does that? Do you have friends who rock? Who are UBER-positive, and supportive, and loving? Friends who build you up, and fill your cup? I hope you do, because they make all of the difference. Krista and Heather, if you are reading this...thank YOU BOTH. For the necklace, for being you...for everything.  Big, sloppy...kinda wet.... kisses all over your beautiful faces!

2, I should have worn a darker bra today. Sported the go-to, nude bra, and it was a FAIL. Picture number 5 clearly demonstrates that you can see my entire boob. Awesome. Just awesome.

3. Are you in love with these shoes? Cause... I am. Just got them in the mail from Shoe Dazzle. The heel is, dare I say... a conservative height, but that is the only thing about them that is mild-mannered. They are royal blue, have a gold heel, cap toe and a cage thingy over said cap toe. None of what I just mentioned sucks.

Hope you are all having a great week, Mamacitas!

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