Sweet 'Stache, Dude....

Hey, Hey, Hey!!!! 

Wondering what all of the mustache love is for today? Well....it's almost time, people!!! For what you ask? QC 'Stache Bash!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!! Now I know there are A LOT of events buzzing around Facebook, the blogosphere, e-mail, Twitter, etc. There are a lot of parties... and A LOT of charities/non-profits/amazing organizations that deserve your time, attention, and support. BUUUUUUUUUUT, there is only one M4Kclt/Mustaches For Kids Charlotte and only one Pat's Place. 

So...consider yourself invited to ‘Stache Bash 2012. It is being held at Suite (in the Epicenter) tomorrow night from 7pm-10pm. Guys have been growing mustaches all month and raising money for Pat’s Place. Pat’s Place is the only accredited Child Advocacy center in Charlotte that helps victims of sexual abuse, ranging from the ages of under 1 yr. old-18 years old (and their families). All of the money that M4K raised all month, and the money raised tomorrow night goes directly to Pat’s Place. I took a tour of the center a few weeks ago. The work they do there for kids is amazing. There is counseling available, doctors who do physical examinations,  and social workers. Going to Pat’s Place allows children to tell their story in a safe space, where it is videotaped (so they only have to tell it once; as opposed to telling it to police, lawyers, judges, social workers, etc.). It’s a really amazing center and the care that these kids get there can really make the difference between a child who merely survives and one who THRIVES. Maybe you're thinking that this is all a  little “deep” for a frivolous personal style blog, but I wanted to drive home what the “Stache Bash is all about. There is not one organization that I hold closer to my heart than this one. There is only a $10.00 donation at the door (but if you can do more...by all means!!!). Please come out and show some LOVE! This event deserves to get major support so please spread the word.
It is going to be  HILARIOUS... a TON-O-FUN! I open up the evening with a few words  around 7pm, then there is a Drag Queen (BUFF FAYE!!!!-voted the BEST drag queen in Charlotte) hosting the “beauty pageant” where the guys showcase their sweet ‘staches and are judged on the best (and worst) mustache. It is going to be a riot!!! You can wear jeans, work clothes, get all snazzy-jazzy, or wear a costume…whatever. PLEASE come if you can make it and support this INCREDIBLE organization.
What: Mustaches for Kids, QC‘Stache Bash 2012
Where: SUITE in the Epicenter
When: Tomorrow 7-10pm
(*Oh yeah...and since this is a style blog...I got this skirt at Banana Republic, Shirt and Earrings at F21, Shoes from ShoeDazzle, Watch from Michael Kors, and Mustache Ring at LOTUS.)


  1. LOVE that blouse, but I. Need. Those. Shoes. In. My. Life. NOW.

    True story.

  2. Melissa, you look so elegant yet modern. I really need to have this embellished blouse, so flatterin on you :-)