The Other Boleyn Girl

Shirt: Vestique, Skirt: Banana Republic, Shoes: Shoe Dazzle, Watch: MK, Bracelet: LOTUS, Necklace: Handpicked, Glasses: Kate Spade
These pictures are so random. Sorry. I took the first two at work today. Number one was taken on my phone and sent to my Mom to show her how "wicked smaaahht" (I hope you read that with the appropriate Boston accent) I look in my new spectacles, and the second was taken just because it was funny. My friend, Nay-Nay, came over to my desk and commented that I was all "lace and studs" today, which lead me to take off my shoes and show them to her. They are pretty rad. I then put my glasses on top of them to highlight the juxtaposition of the look. The studded shoes paired with conservative glasses gave off a kind of "Naughty Librarian" vibe. Nay-Nay hit the nail on the head though. She said that my look was very"The Other Boleyn Girl". If you have seen that movie (or read the book) you'd know that it was set in the Victorian Era (their dresses were similar to the shirt I am wearing...lacy, puffy sleeves, square neckline, etc), but one of the Boleyn sisters was this dark, tough, bad @$$. Perhaps you had to be there to "get" the reference, but it was funny at the time. Anyway, I got home too late tonight to do a real outfit post, but here are the highlights: Victorian shirt, over-accessorized (as per usual) with studs and heavy metal, and my glasses came in yesterday, so I am no longer feigning good vision. I can actually see now. When my boyfriend asked my how it felt to have glasses yesterday, I told him that I felt like Princess Jasmine when Aladdin took her on a magic carpet ride (and then I proceeded to text message him these lyrics... " A whole new world...a dazzling place I never knew").  I'm a tool. I know. He understood the reference though, so am I the only tool in the shed? I think not!


  1. Why THANK YOU, Natasha! I love them too! Headed to your blog now...
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!!