All We Want Is LOVE. A reason to wear RED (as if you needed a reason).

What's hotter than the color red? Ummm...nothing. It symbolizes heat, passion, sex, energy, fire, and love. All of which are good, positive, beautiful things. Until they are not. Wonder where I am going with this? Well... if you live in Charlotte, there is an event this Saturday night  (October 13th) at 7pm that you may want to check out.

It is a gathering to raise awareness about Human Trafficking and Sexual Slavery, which unfortunately are alive and well. So much so that Human Trafficking is the second largest illicit business in the WORLD and the city of Charlotte is ranked 10th in the country where it is most prevalent. Can you imagine, being kidnapped or sold into slavery...or your daughter, niece, sister, mom, or cousin being sold? Having no control over your life, being physically, mentally, and emotionally abused... powerless, drugged, exploited, sold, and ravaged by strangers. It's a reality, and it is not a problem in a far off land impacting people that you'll never encounter. It's real. It's here, and it's an epidemic. It's happening to women, girls and boys. It is big business and it's deplorable. Physically sickening. Annnd....just because you can't do everything does not mean that you should not do SOMETHING. So...here are the "deets"....

Check it out. Tell your friends, family, co-workers...any one who will listen.

What: All We Want Is LOVE (LOVE: Liberation of Victims Everywhere)...be sure to "like" them on Facebook
When: Saturday October 13th, 7pm
Where: Pieces in The Metropolitan (uptown near Trader Joes)
Wear: RED...show your support and solidarity by wearing the color RED.

Let's start a revolution, WHATDOYOUSAY???? 

*BTW...the dress rode is RED, but it is NOT a gala. I love the dresses pictured above, but you would be ridiculously overdressed if you showed up in any one of them. Just find a red shirt, scarf, skirt, pants, whatever...come hang out and get informed.

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