Laura Ingalls

Dress: Mango for JCP (last year), Vest: Target (last year), Shoes: LOTUS (now), Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelet: Stella & Dot
 You know that phrase..."he's a guy's, guy"? Well  said "guy" being referenced is usually the dude who will pound beer from punctured holes in the side of the can, enter (and win) a hot dog eating contest and then wear the t-shirt that he earned every day for the next year, and fart on command. Guys, guys are knows for being exceptionally skilled at doing things that only other guys really appreciate. Girls may appreciate different things, but we still do things that girls appreciate far more than men. Case in point, this dress. It's long, full-coverage, loose, and floral. Not exactly every man's idea of a good time (tight, short, cleavage bearing, or at least fitted). When I put it on yesterday morning my boyfriend said..."what's that?". I said, it's a dress. It's called boho-chic, dude...think stylish hippie. I have worn it before and I don't care if you don't like it. Maybe I overreacted. His tone was more of curiosity than judgement. Now, I can't say the same for another guy I saw later in the day. This dude walks into the room I am in and says..."Who brought Little House on the Prairie...". Now...let's just say this dude is perhaps the LAST guy on the planet earth I would ever take fashion advice from, but it was annoying nonetheless. Yes, I wore this dress for myself (and perhaps  for a few other hippie chicks out there), but by the end of the night, my boyfriend came around. He kept calling me, "Boho-Cutie". I may have not cared if he liked this dress, but I'll take it.

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