Hot Garbage

Skirt and Jacket: LOTUS
Yo...Yo...Yo!!!! Do I look tired to you????? Oh, I look like I got ran over by a MAC truck? Look like I fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down? I know. My boyfriend had an event last night and we were out until almost 3...yes, I said it...3...as in AM last night. Hence the red stamped smiley face on my right hand and even "redder" eyes. Apparently they now stamp people who are OVER 21. What's up with that? I thought that with age comes things like wisdom, success, and hands free from obnoxious stamps that tell the world..."Hey, I was out last night...drinking rum punch and dancing around like I DON'T have a job that requires me to be a functioning human being in the morning!!". Anyway, my eyes hurt, so I put on my supa-hot, $2.50 magnifying reader glasses that my Dad gave me, my most comfy skirt, and an extra layer of mascara. I ran a brush through my hair from last night, brushed my teeth and left the house quickly (just to ensure that I didn't crawl back into bed and pass out). I don't often stay out late on "school nights" (like never), but last night was MOST DEFINITELY worth it!!! That was a long explanation as to why I look like hot garbage. Sorry. AnyWHO...look at this cute little fishtail braid. My co-worker, Pam, did it for me between conference calls this afternoon. I love it. I think I may go to work with my hair undone every day and stand uncomfortably close to her, staring until she caves and does my hair for me. ZINGER!

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