Blind Jungle Cat

Dress, Belt and Black Bracelet: Target, Shoes: LOTUS, Necklace: Vestique, Watch: MK, Spike Bracelet: F21, Ring: LeVian

I realize that I look like a corporate jungle cat. I understand that you may hate this. I know the rules around animal print. Too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing...blah, blah, blah. I was at Target yesterday (buying groceries and fall inspired throw pillows...because when you don't have the money to really redecorate, you just update your throw pillows) and I saw this dress. I wasn't sure if I loved it or hated it. It came with this flimsy, string belt thingy. It was the belt that I hated though, not the dress. When I got home with it I realized that it had not ONE wrinkle in it from being crumpled up in the plastic bag for a few hours. SCORE. So, I put it on today (because I am still 3 years old and have to wear new things almost immediately upon purchasing) and paired it with this big black belt that I also got at Target (about 4 years ago). It  was the most comfortable, wrinkle-free outfit ever. Oh, and just a heads up... I need glasses, so you'll be seeing those soon. I have been wearing $2.50 magnifying "readers" that my dad gave me for a few weeks...that can't be good long-term. So, I made an eye appointment tomorrow. I am 100% sure that I will be leaving with a prescription for spectacles. So...not only do I have serious crows feet, sun spots that I'm battling, a good 10lbs to drop (after a summer of drinking and eating my fool-hearted face off). I now will have glasses because my sight is rapidly deteriorating. Awesome. Just flipping awesome.  


  1. I love reading your entries! And I WILL be going to Target tomorrow :-) ......being an OCD ironer, I love ANYTHING that I can "throw" on.

    Meredith M.

  2. Thank YOU!!!!! Oh, yes, this is a fabulous Target find. I got mine in a Medium. It runs true to size, bordering on a tad bit big. I literally sat in it for 9 hours today at my desk and NOT ONE WRINKLE!!! You'll love it!!! Thanks so much for your comment!!!! <3

  3. I've had contacts since I was 11, so I not only do not feel bad for you, but I think you can use this to your advantage! Just think of your glasses as your newest accessory. I know you like changing iPhone cases- this is basically the same thing, but way cooler. There is a SUPER awesome website that I get my glasses from- http://www.zennioptical.com/- you can upload a picture and virtually try them on, plus they are CHEAP. Just remember to get a copy of your prescription in paper from your visit! And you're welcome in advance for your newest shopping addiction.


  4. Target Northlake.....no luck, only L and XL :-( gonna try another tomorrow
    Did get the same print in the sweater pencil skirt though :-)