One year ago today, I "blogged" my first outfit post. I had no idea (still have no idea) what I was doing, but my BFF  (who is awesome and supports every hair-brained idea I have ever had...THANK YOU, CJF...I love you so much) came over, took a few pictures of my outfit and I posted them for all (3 people at the time) to see. I was a little worried that I had no business blogging about fashion. I had this nagging little voice in my head saying..."no one cares...they are all going to laugh at you...you're not a friggin' model...what makes you the expert on fashion"?  The truth is, all of those things are true. I was 31 at the time, not a perky 19... a size 8, NOT a size 00...I shop at Target and Forever 21...I am no where near a model...and some people did laugh at me (and more than likely called me a mindless narcissist). But the truth is, I decided that it was all of those things that made me completely qualified to have a personal style blog. I love clothing, accessories, and most of all I love women. I love talking about things that make us feel good, feel proud, feel strong. I whole-hardheartedly believe that when you feel good about the way you look you are more likely to LIVE OUT LOUD. You are more likely to speak up and be heard, more likely to fight for what you deserve, more likely to walk tall, more likely to leave a boyfriend, girlfriend, friendship, or boss, who does not deserve you and delights in bringing you down. You are more likely to enjoy yourself and worry less. I believe that some really good, important things can come from seemingly superficial ones. I have no idea if this blog will live long and prosper, or if it will ever get thousands of readers. I do know however, that it has made women laugh, find a killer deal, and relate to one another. It has spurred real conversations, allowed women to connect, and brought a smile to some faces. It has even given some (like me) confidence to go outside of their comfort zones once in a while (and delight in doing so). I am not claiming that this here blog does something for everyone who reads it, but for a handful of you...every once in a while... it is more than just a stupid, narcissistic, style blog. It's a like a virtual bear hug, and for THAT reason I hope that this is the first of many birthdays for ModaFresca. So...thank you SO much for reading, for commenting, and for coming back. MUCH LOVE, MAMACITAS!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY!!!! :) I love checking out your blog and seeing the pieces you put together!

  2. Thank you, MISTY!!!!! That means a lot to me. All the Facebook love on the link is pretty awesome. Getting me all choked up. ;)

  3. Oh my Gosh, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday! I am SO happy I met you. You are awesome in every way. I love what you wrote here, and it is clearly all from the heart. On a personal level, so much of what you said I needed to hear today. Thank you for sharing everything about you. Happy Birthday Girlfriend!

  4. WHITLEY!!!!!! This comment almost made me cry for some reason. Thank you SO MUCH! I love all of your energy,support, sweet sentiment, and of course...style!!!! Love you, friend!

  5. Just found your blog through Whitley's. You are so beautiful & it's so refreshing to read your posts! Excited to follow along :)



    1. Katherine! Wow...what a wonderful compliment. Thank you so very much. I'll be heading on over to yours too!!! Thanks again for the comment. It means SO much.