Fruit Stripes Gum & a 12 Step Program

Dress (last year), Buddha Bracelet (current), Shoes (current): LOTUS, Earrings: Stella & Dot (last year), Purse: Pink &Blue (last year)

What Up...What Up!!! It's 5:17 AM and I'm blogging. What the...?????

I have been in Phoenix, Arizona since Tuesday for work and the 3 hour time difference is jacking me up. I can hardly stay awake at night, but in the morning I'm like a kid all jacked up on Mountain Dew; ready to rock & roll at like 4am. This is not an outfit I wore on my business trip (uh...."Hello, HR is on line 2 for Melissa. They need to talk to her about the dress code and not having any damn sense."). I actually wore it on Sunday. Well, I also wore it again on Monday when my Manfriend, Brother, and my (*new) sissy-in-law went out to dinner. Wearing this dress to dinner was the single smartest thing I have done all week. I ate my fool face off and then capped the night off with a pumpkin spice cocktail (so good that my tongue literally jumped out of my mouth and slapped my face). So, the fact that I looked well into my 2nd trimester when I was finished downing all of that deliciousness was masked by the cut of this here ensemble. The dress (one of my all time favorites) looks really similar a piece of Fruit Stripes Gum. You remember that stuff? It tasted delicious, but lost it's flavor after 2 minutes. Okay foucs... the outfit. Dress, Buddha bracelet, and (AH-MAZING, TO DIE FOR, STUPID HOT) shoes...all from LOTUS. "Hi, My name is Melissa, and I have a problem." This is the part where you all say, "Hi Melissa" and welcome me into your non-judgmental safe space for Retail Recovery. I swear that I work my regular day job, just to afford my part time one. Oh well. Whatever works I guess.

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