Dime Piece

Shirt and Leggings: Marshalls, Boots: ShoeDazzle (2 years ago), Vest and Beaded Bracelet: Target (last year), Purse and Watch: Michael Kors, Earrings: Sis Style
The plan was to get up early (which I did...at 6:50 AM on a Saturday), have a fun-filled day with some friends, and then shower and get ready for a night on the town. But, after a long day, 2 glasses of wine and sushi rolls the size of my forearm at 4pm I fell into a food coma. All of my energy was zapped, along with my momentum and desire to go out again. So... the shower that was supposed to happen never did. I woke up with this sweet body funk and went right back to bed (at 11pm...I'm an animal) with it. Scumbag... I know. My favorite thing to wear on the weekends are leggings, boots, and an over-sized shirt. Simple, comfortable, and it can take you from running errands to dinner. And let's just call out the obvious, shall we? An over-sized shirt is the gift that keeps on giving, if let's say hypothetically of course that you end up with a 4pm wine buzz and a bloated belly full of garlic salmon rolls. Nothing screams lady-like quite like a deodorant bath, day drinking, garlic breath, and a 3-day dirty ponytail. I am sure you can see why my boyfriend likes me so much. I am a "DIME".  (If you don't get the reference, it means that I am a "10"... duh.)


  1. Hahaha, Melissa your bf def loves you but seriously men love women when they are not styled anyways, my experience. I get more compliments when I haven't done my hair, no make up and have a potato sack on- CAAAAAAAAARAZYYYYYYY men world hahhaa. I love wearing leggins and a comfy sweater at the weekend too and during the week. Who says that can't be stylish should take a look at your super cute outfit :-)

    PS: I am so glad that I made your days with my comment but what should I say, you are super adorable and I love your style Melissa :-). Your bf can be truly blessed to have such a pretty dime like you :-)

    Have a great start in the week dear :-)


  2. Ani-

    I agree. I know that my boyfriend likes a natural look sometimes, but there's natural, and there is..."go take a shower, dirt bag". I was on the border of the later. HA! Thanks so much for reminding me of the Bloglovin button. You're the best!!!

    You have a great Monday, too, pretty lady!!