Gadget Envy

Romper: Bebe, Blazer: LOTUS, Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Watch: Michael Kors, iPad Case: Mobilexpressions from Target
I was so inspired by all of the red in the burning fall foliage around me that I busted out this blazer (you know... to pay homage to the seasons and all). Well.... that's a lie. It sounded good though, right? Really artsy. Like I am one with my surroundings and tuned in to all of the beauty in nature. That's all a little grandiose though, huh? I just wore a red blazer yesterday, took some blog pictures, and then realized that my blazer matched the leaves in the back drop. Bonus.
Couple of things:
1. I am wearing a one piece. Yup, pants and shirt in one. This little romper do-da is perfect for when you don't feel like getting dressed (but societal pressures and laws against indecent exposure force you to). It is very comfy and convenient. It's not so perfect if you don't like having to get almost completely naked to pee. Not so convenient then.
2. Check out my new iPad case. Why? Because it is in...wait for it...ROSE GOLD. Whaaaat? I mean, think about it, you carry your iPad around everywhere. Why not have it match your arm party? This case resembles the Michael Kors rose gold case, but (and here's the best part) you can get this one at Target for about...ugh, $100 cheaper. Get you some. These pictures don't do the color justice. It's a really pretty pinkish gold. Guaranteed to give all your techie friends gadget envy.


  1. Yep, not a fan of getting naked to pee...but a big fan of the red and leopard!


  2. Every time I have to undress to pee I am irrationally afraid that someone is going to walk in on me doing so. It's one thing to be busted on the john, it's another to give someone a full frontal!

    XOXO, Suzanne

    Much Love- Melissa!

  3. Melissa, may I say that I fell in love with your blog as soon as I saw your charismatic smile and after reading the about myself intro. You are girl after my heart plus we are the same age YEAH hahaha :-), most of the time I feel like an hold bunny in the blogospher with all those young bloggers :-).

    You look beautiful and I just admire the versatily and refreshing aspect of your blog. Ok this girl from germany is stalking you now via email. I wish I could follow you via Bloglovin but can't find the button :-D

    Super chic and sophisticated look. I am not a fan of rompers as of the pee aspect hahahaha, who likes to get naked while doing ones buiness hahahahah :-)

    Have a lovely weekend Melissa and looking forward to see more wonderful looks of you


  4. Ani!!! I just gushed right back to you via a comment on your all black post. Oh, and I now I have my Bloglovin button up and running. THANK YOU!!!! BTW- LOVE your blog!!