Rep Your Set

Blazer and Tank: F21, Scarf: LOTUS, Pants: Express, Shoes: Off Broadway, Watch: MK, Earrings: Sis Style, Necklaces: orange one from bebe (2 years ago), white and gold one from Pink & Blue, Rings: white one from Aldo Accessories, orange one from Target

WHAT UP...WHAT UP!!!! This is my Election Day outfit. Red (lips), White (pants), and, of course.... sporting my Democrat Royal Blue. Reppin' my team. Not sure where they incorporate leopard print into their county's flag, but if there is such a place I may apply for citizenship. Clearly, I am not the only one in my family who is excited for the election. My pups have been rocking their Obama Collars since the DNC came to town a few months ago! I have heard (and I am sure you have too) two things all day long (#1). VOTE (duh, of course) (#2). "I can't wait for tomorrow." I am assuming that is because after the election results there will be no more (or a lot less) political TV ads, divisive Facebook and Twitter posts/banter, debates, constant news coverage, etc. I must be an absolute freak of nature then, because I am going to be bummed when it all settles down. I live for this stuff. I am a political junkie and I love to hear people's thought/views/opinions. Don't get me wrong, a lot of them piss me off to no end, (like to the point of "defriending" on Facebook and in life in general) but I still love the passion. I have much more respect for someone who passionately cares about SOMEthing versus someone who has absolutely no (informed) opinion. Indifference is maddening to me. Maddening I tell you. Tangent...sorry. End of rant. Have a great night, Chicas!!!! Oh, and if you have not already...GO VOTE (hahaha...I had to add that... annoying right? I know.)


  1. Melissa, if you find out which citizenship that is, let me know, I will join you hahaha. Absolutely love this colour combo with a splash of animal print, so refreshing and chic :-)


  2. As soon as I find out, I'll meet you there and we can take blog pics for each other all day. What fun!