Jacket: F21, Skirt: Expres, Sweater: The Limited, Necklace: T.J.Maxx, Watch: Michael Kors, iPhone Case: Target (Mobilexpressions)

If it weren't raining cats and dogs outside (one of the dumbest expressions ever) I would have taken pictures somewhere other than my office. But, outside pictures require decent weather, and shoes. Neither of which I have working in my favor today. I sprained my ankle/foot and it hurts... bad. The pain was so severe when it happened that it literally took my breath away and I got big, fat, can't fight back tears in my eyes. And let's be honest, I wear too much eyeliner for that "bullish". No bueno. Hence the reason I have my bare foot perched on a chair. I'd rather get a scissor kick to the throat than put any weight on it. I never realized how thin my ankles were until today when one of them turned into an extension of my calf. So... inside pictures, no shoes, and a cankle. Blog post FAIL. I do have a couple of things going for me though... #1. This DOPE BOY FRESH black and crystal skeleton head bracelet that my BFF Stacey sent me as a Christmas present. I love it, it's my new favorite thing. #2. This necklace. It was 1/2 off when I found it at T.J. Maxx. SCOOOORE. #3. My iPhone case matches my skirt (and my necklace). #4. I spent $38.00 on this faux leather jacket 3 years ago and I'm still sporting it on the regular. Thank you, Forever 21. Thank you (thanking F21 for a quality garment... that doesn't happen ever often). 

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