Flying Cars and Vegan Leather

Skirt and Shirt: Banana, Jacket and Necklaces: Target, Watch: Michael Kors

Hola, Mamacitas!! 2 things...

1. This is actually a brown leather jacket... although it looks black in these photos. It's also not actually leather, it is vegan leather (a.k.a- not leather at all). It's also not really a jacket. It is a time machine and when I put it on I get transported to the future where I own a flying car, I'm down 15lbs., and everyone stops whining about new gun control legislation that "infringes on their 2nd Ammendment rights". Yes, the ammendment that was ratified in 1791 when guns were muskets and the goal was "security" of a young nation. AnyWHO... I haven't said a word on the subject and I'm over all these people whining about how it is going to impact their lives. Cause, yeah... it's not. 

2. Speeeeaking of "vegan" I got asked by a friend of mine (a friend of like 20 years... man we are old) today if I was vegan. Actually she wrote on my Facebook and said..." Please tell me you're not a vegan now. Vegan's are so weird." Hahahahaha... I assured her that I am not totally vegan (yet) but I am getting there. Vegans (in case you are unfamiliar) eat NO animal products. None. No eggs (and as my friend stated... "eggs are in almost everything" and she is correct), milk, yogurt, butter, cheese... you get the picture. Think that's "weird" and shutter at the thought? Then DO NOT, I repeat... DO NOT watch "FOOD, Inc" or "Forks Over Knives". I am really interested in the subject from a health perspective (plus... it's kind of gross to eat animal flesh and embryos when I REALLY think about it). So a few weeks ago I watched both of these documentaries back to back. BARF. I'll leave it at that. Friggin' BARF.

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