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So, you may remember from this post, "... But The Years Are Short", that I gave myself a little (month of) June Challenge. I wanted to see if I could complete 30 yoga and/or Pilates classes in 30 days. I wanted to do something good for myself, something challenging, and something that would help me really "notice" the days as they passed. Well, here we are, the last day of June and the results are in... I did it!! As a matter o' fact, I was quite the little over-achiever with 32 classes in 30 days. BOOM MUTHATRUCKA! I had only been doing yoga really regularly for a couple of weeks before I gave myself the challenge, so it was not as though I was (or am) a seasoned vet. I have always wanted to be a "yogi", but in the back of my mind I kind of thought it was for other people (super skinny chicks who are willing to spend $100 on lululemon pants, for starters). Guess what... it's for everyone. I love it. I see now how it can literally change people's lives. It's the only time of the day that I unplug. Shoes off, hair up, no iPhone, no computer, no boyfriend, no co-workers, no "to-do's", no worries, no expectations, no schedule to keep, NOTHING; just me, my mat, and my practice. I have lost my balance, mastered poses, failed miserably at poses, sweat through my clothes, sprained my wrist, gotten stronger, spent time in silence, made new friends, pushed myself past my personal limits, been inspired, discouraged, got my big ass up in the air, and... wait for it... I am even learning to meditate. A concept that I never really understood before (given that I rarely shut the hell up for more than 3 consecutive minutes).

All in all, it's been awesome. So awesome, that I have rolled up my FAV (orange and cream zebra print) rug that normally lays in the (useless) front room, and laid down a yoga mat. It's not nearly as pretty, but  it gets the job done (and ironically, it is also zebra print). So... I go there... sweats on, hair slicked back with conditioner, bare feet, no make up, no judgement and I get stronger (in between falling on my ass, of course); because, as the magnet on my fridge boldly reminds me: "Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself".

Just saw this today, thought it was funny.

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