Fruit Stripes Gum

Dress: Lotus, Purse: Target, Shoes: Guess

1. Although this dress is kind of friggin' fabulous (so fabulous that I bought it in 2 colors... BAM!!!) I wasn't planning on doing a blog post (I mean, really... look at this head). Buuuuut you know... I showered, I have accessories on... they are new(ish), and they match said fabulous dress... so here you have it.

2. Sorry about my slicked back nub of a bun. I am getting my hair did in a few days (gray hairs are busting out with a quickness annnnd my roots are ri-DIC-ulous). I like to give my hair some TLC before I bleach it within an inch of its life. So... I wore conditioner in it all day yesterday, washed it this morning, and then massaged olive oil into it and pulled it back. My hair is a bit on the dry side naturally, but add to that the fact that it was dark brown in February and by April it was blonde again... yeah... that does not come without some serious damage. Chopping it off is kind of like starting over, but now that it is short I am itching for it to be REALLY blonde. I can't ever make up my mind.  Whatever. I know that change scares the crap out of a lot of some people, but I am the exact opposite. NOT changing scares the crap out of me (not to mention, bores me to tears). Staying the same = Slow Death Snooze Fest. 

3. Although the hair on my head needs some serious help, look at these brows... MAN I have some good brows. I know I say that a lot, but these bad boys were a long time coming and sometimes you just have to shout our what you like about yourself versus what you don't. Naaaahhh what I mean? P.S- If your brows need help, may I suggest calling Therapy Salon in Charlotte and making an appointment with Sandra? She threads mine. She is half woman/half amazing. Tell her I sent ya and she'll throw in a discount for your first service. ZINGER.

4. It didn't escape me that I look like the Zebra from the package of Fruit Stripe Gum. Anyone remember that stuff? Tasted incredible for 7 seconds then it turned to fruity shit.

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