Shirt: DKNY, Jeans: Target, Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Necklace: Aldo Accessories (2 years ago or more), Watch: Michael Kors

This morning I had NO desire to get dressed. My "Care-O-Meter" hovered right under zero. I did as little as possible to get ready for work. I washed up, as opposed to showering... put my hair up as opposed to blow drying it, and then I put on black pants, this slouchy gray shirt, and wait for it... flats (not a typo... flats). Oh, and maybe I should add that I had not even one accessory on. I looked in the mirror and thennnnn... I slapped the ever-loving shit out of myself. I was feeling worse and worse, the more corners I cut. I was not ambitious enough to jump in the shower and start the "getting ready" process from scratch, but I could do a bit more than black slacks and flats (and although black slacks and flats look sophisticated and "put together" on some women... I am not one of those lucky few). Enter... red pants, hooker heels, a statement necklace, and (after lunch)... a pop of red lipstick. BAM. It's not an impressive outfit. It's not "professional, and it will definitely not go down in history as one of the most flattering ensembles, BUT it took me from that sucky mental place of "Man, I hope that I don't run into anyone I know today" to... "Ah, whatevs... I've looked worse". Annnnd... let's be honest... some days, that is as good as it gets. 

Random: If I turn my necklace upside down it reminds me of the back of the Game of Thrones... throne. Game of Thrones. I am obsessed. Although I am still pissed that Drogo was killed off in the first season. Not sure why I am holding a grudge 2 seasons later... CLICK HERE. Get it now? **I swoon** He is my one celebrity crush... oh, and Shemar Moore.

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