Yoga Follies

Shirt: Ann Taylor Loft, Skirt: Marshalls, Watch: Michael Kors, Necklace: LOTUS, Shoes: Off Broadway

If last month was characterized by ridiculously bad luck (car accident, knife through the hand, and a water soaked crotch in public), then this month is shaping up to be the month of hilariously random things that happen in yoga class:
  • 1st funny thing: There are 2 women in one of my yoga classes who speak Polish... loudly... to one another in the corner. They have a good 10 minute conversation every day before class and I can NEVER understand a word. Until today. Today, they uttered 3 random phrases in English... "Michael Jackson was f@*ked up, but genius", "shit happens, lady", and "you know...she likes to do the sleep around with the men". Now that I am writing this, maybe it's not that funny, but as I was sitting there stretching I couldn't help but wonder what in the hell kind of conversations these two are having right next to me every day, and why did they say those things in English? Perhaps there are no words in the Polish language for The King of Pop, or women who sleep around?
  • 2nd funny thing: In the middle of the yoga instructor's very "zen" iPod playlist full of chanting, gongs, and nature sounds... wait for it... "Baby Got Back"... mistakenly came on. YUP. BAM. Sir Mix A Lot.  Out of no where... "I like big butts and I cannot lie... you other brother's can't deny... when a girl walks in with an itty-bitty waist and a round thing in yo' face...". I almost peed my pants. Seriously... the whole class lost it. HILARITY. We let the song play through.
  • 3rd (and funniest) thing: In child's pose at the end of an exhausting 90 minute Hot Vinysa Flow class last night... SOMEONE FARTED. Loudly. I almost busted out laughing, but I somehow managed to keep it in. It took everything in me. I mean... farts are funny. I don't care how old, or "sophisticated" you are. The only thing funnier than a fart is a fart at the WORST possible time (ie: lying on your back in a quiet yoga studio full of people). Hahahahahahaha... I am laugh thinking about it now. Best part... it was this tall, beautiful girl behind me who moved with so much poise and grace that simply standing next to her made me want to "off" myself.
Oh, and since I tend to forget that this is a personal style blog, this is what I wore to work yesterday. Nothing too exciting... except this necklace. This necklace is fan-tab-ulous. Love it.

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