Product Junkie: My Bathroom Sink

Are you ever curious about what beauty products, tips, and tricks other women use? I am. It's almost weird how fascinating I find it, actually.

After years of trial and error, and a "products buying problem" that bordered on hoarding for a while, I have found some "keepers". I'm using some pretty good stuff  at this particular point in my life, and as I was cleaning my bathroom sink off, I though to myself... "Self... you should tell your friends about these awesome things". So... here you are.  These are some things I am obsessed with.

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1. TIGI BED HEAD, Spoil Me: It is  this defrizzer, refresher, smoother spray stuff and IT.IS.AWESOME. I use it for day 2 (or 3) hair, especially when I have bangs or curls (I just cut blunt bangs... again). Let's say you have bangs, and you slept on them and got them ALL jacked up. You are going to put the rest of your hair up/back, but you still need to "do" your bangs. Spray a bit of this stuff (lightly) on your bangs and go over again with a flatiron or curling iron. The spray gives just enough moisture to help you reshape them, smooths them down, and it smells awesome. No... it smells... divine. Yes... divine is a much more appropriate adjective. If this stuff ever goes off the market I will shave my head and resort to 24/7 wig wearing. True story. Oh, and if you have curly hair... spray this stuff all over your head and bring yesterday's curls back to life. I'm talking to women with naturally curly hair. It's not going to work on curling iron curls the same way. Feel me?

2. It's a 10, Miracle Leave-In Product: I have REALLY dry hair and I color it. That is a recipe for disaster. It never fails that after I bleach my hair, the baby hair by my ears gets fried, and my bangs are in a perpetual state of crinkly deadness. If you have dry hair, trust me when I say that THIS is the ONLY product that has actually brought my hair back to life. If you are hard on your hair and it needs TLC, puuuuulease do yourself a favor and cop a bottle. You only need 4-5 squirts for your entire head of hair, and if you need to concentrate on your sides and your bangs (like me) pump it into your hand and then put it on your hair where you need it. This shit is the BOMBDIGGITY. For real. Put it on damp hair before you blow dry. Do it. Trust.

3. Purple Shampoo: (for girls with blonde hair) I use a brand of purple shampoo called Shimmer Lights because it is affordable, but there are many different brands of purple shampoo. If you have blonde hair, wash it with purple shampoo once a week or so (not every day) to fight brassiness. Something about purple being on the opposite end of the color wheel as orange...  it helps counteract it. I didn't really listen when my stylist explained the "science" behind it to me, but it helps.  It's a nice little trick to have up your sleeve, especially in the summer.


1. Vaseline, Spray & Go Moisturizer: Maybe you have seen the commercials for this stuff? It's a lightweight spray lotion. It's perfect for lazy people (like yours truly) who NEVER take the time to rub lotion on their bodies, but need to. I really like this.... especially in the summer when traditional lotion makes my skin feel slimy and gross. Perfect for hot/muggy days. It sprays on like sunscreen, but is lighter, and smells better.

2. Coconut Oil: Yup... the oil you get in the cooking section of the supermarket. I have told everyone who will listen to me about the benefits of this stuff. I use it for EVERYTHING. I cook with it, and use it as a deep conditioner for my hair conditioner, but my favorite use for it is on my face. Don't freak out about oil on your face. I PROMISE you that it will not make you break out. For example: About a week or two ago I noticed these small pink bumps on either side of my chin. They were little, and kind of "under the skin" if you know what I am saying. It almost looked like two chapped patches. REALLY attractive, as you can imagine. I had never had anything like that on my face and I was not pumped about it. I didn't want to put anything harsh on the areas and I wanted them to go away IMMEDIATELY.  So... last week I washed my face, exfoliated it (which made the areas BRIGHT red), and then I put coconut oil all over my face as a moisturizer. I went to bed, and I shit you not, the next day the areas were 50% better. By day three of doing the same thing, the areas were completely healed. No dermatologist, esthetician , or expensive creams... just coconut oil. It moisturizers and kills bacteria. It's AH-MAZING.


1.Crest 3D White: Once people find out that my Manfriend is a dentist, they ask me what kind of toothpaste he recommends.  Really, they do. As if I am a professional by association. I found this extremely strange when we first started seeing each other... like, "Ugh... I don't know, ask him, 'cause I buy whatever is on sale and I didn't go to dental school"? BUT, in case you are curious, it's Crest 3D White. I don't know if it works wonders or not, but I have been using it exclusively for the last few years. I drink a lot of coffee, and there is not much I enjoy more than a big ol' glass of red wine, annnnd even after all that I do not have shit teeth. If that's not a glowing endorsement, I don't know what is.

P.S- you know what you SHOULDN'T do... is "pin" that ridiculous thing on Pinterst about rinsing with Hydrogen Peroxide for white teeth. You'll kill all of the good bacteria in your mouth along with the bad, and then you'll have MUCH bigger problems than off-white teeth. You'll be wishing for shit teeth then.

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