1 Dress... 8 options

I worked at LOTUS all day Saturday and Sunday this weekend. On Saturday I wore a really plain, fitted, black maxi dress to work. I knew I didn't look "jazzy" so to speak, but it wasn't until I walked into all of the fabulousness of the boutique that my outfit felt down right boring and inadequate. Annnnnd, if you have ever worked retail you know that you have periods of insanity where the place is swarming with customers (tax-free weekend anyone????), and periods of down time. So... in my moments of down time I decided to see how many different looks I could get out of my one, basic black maxi. This is what I came up with...

1. I threw a flowy, leopard print tank over my dress and wore it as a skirt... and then added this turquoise and gold necklace. The tank also comes in an orange color that I kind of love... and it has a cute back that I forgot to take a picture of. FAIL.

2. I love this braided necklace. Really love it. We also have it with light blue trim. Very Grecian Goddess in the blue. Simply adding this one piece really spices up the whole outfit, don't ya think? Easy-peasey... 1, 2, 3sey.

3.  Threw on this heather-gray tank with horizontal leather stripes and paired with a fancey-schmancey, kind of bad-ass necklace. I love things that don't really seem to "go" together. One part Sporty-Spice, one part Beverly Hills baubles, and one part Biker-Chic.

4. Hellooooooo Sunshine!!! This neon yellow high-low tank is fun enough on it's own, but come on... this necklace?!?!  I don't even know what the hell it is... but I love it. We just got it in. Special delivery from Greece. For real. When you wear it you can say this to your friends... "Oh this?? Yeah... I got it while on holiday in Greece". Cool points through the roof. But, you have to use the word "holiday". Vacations are for Americans, but holidays... holidays are for Europeans who wear cool ass imported necklaces. 

5. I loooooove, love, love this here neck piece. I wore it all day around the store. In my defense, whenever someone complimented me on it, I admitted that it was from the store and that it was for sale. That is until my friend, and the owner of LOTUS informed me (after I Instagramed a picture of it) that I could have it. What??? Whatttttt-T??????? Yup. Have it. "Hey, Mel... thanks for covering the store all weekend. Take the necklace home with you!" Shut the FFFFF....ront door. A better person would have been all like... "No... I can't. Helping you out is gratifying enough. " I am not that person. You best believe I took that home with me. I love it.

6. Black and White is my all time favorite. I feel like Kris Jenner and I could be friends. Only those of you who will admit to watching "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" will get that reference. We both share an obsession with black and white. I really love this little jacket. I would wear it ALL of the time... spring, fall, winter. I heart it. I am really digging the cut, the collar, and the random zippered pocket on the sleeve.

Oh, and no pun intended either. I am one half of an interracial relationship. The white part. Clearly.  So the whole me loving B&W statement could have been funny... if I was being ironic. Oh, I'm so clever.

7. I slipped this adorable tie-dyed maxi right over my dress (anyone who knows me, knows that I have a REAL soft spot for tie-dye... old habits die hard, I guess) and for shits and giggles I added an obnoxiously (awesome) studded statement necklace. Again... I know that it doesn't really "go" together... or does it?

8. "She works hard for her money... so hard for it, Honey. She works hard for her money, so you better treat her right." Does anyone remember that song by Donna Summer? Well... that is what this outfit reminds me of. If I closed the blazer and put a gold belt around my waist, I would totally rock this to work in the concrete jungle of Corporate America.

In conclusion: I now believe that a fitted black maxi the single most versatile piece of clothing that I own; seeing that I can make half a dozen different outfits with it kind of makes me wish I was going on "holiday" soon. You know... so I could be one of those UBER low maintenance chicks who travels with just a carry on. Just me and my black maxi... jettsetting... LIKE A BOSS.

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