Date Night: Rock Out With Your "Back" Out

Sometimes you buy a shirt against your better judgement. This is that shirt.

I love it, but let's be real. I am not the kind of chick that can really get away with NOT wearing a bra. COME ONNNNNNN though... I want a break. I wear a bra ALL OF THE DAMN TIME. Usually minimizers that suck my will to live. When I workout... I wear 2 of the damn things. I can hardly breathe. Sometimes, I even wear them to sleep (because I once heard that it prevents the inevitable... gravity induced saggy boob). I think about bras WAY more than your average woman. Does it lift? Does it minimize? Does it separate? Does it give me back fat? Do I look like a complete hooker? Do I care? This time... no bra... and I don't give a damn. This shirt is cute, and it looks better without a big bra strap across the open back. So... screw it. For a few hours over the course of my entire existence... I am bucking the system and not wearing one (and pretending to be one of my enviable friends in the "itty-bitty" club... a girl can dream, right?). Plus... I do still have a few years before not wearing one means risking that they actually tuck into the waistband of my pants.

This is my date night outfit (not to be confused with a work outfit... but, I hope that went without saying). I almost didn't post photos of it because of the no bra thing, on top of the whole elastic waistband giving me a bit of mid-back fat, AND the fact that my butt is actually getting larger (lots of squats, lunges, and Spin classes lately) but then I thought, EFF IT.  Self love, right? MY boobs, MY back fat, MY Big Butt... MY blog. If you don't like it... don't look. Just keep scrollin' biiiiiitches. 

P.S.- The blunt bangs that I cut a couple of weeks ago are much more versatile than I initially gave them credit for. They swoop to the side quite conveniently.


  1. You make me literally LOL!! Love reading your posts!!!


    1. Carrye! Hahahahaha... thank you. It's a condition... called diarrhea of the mouth. ;) Thank you SO much for reading and for taking the time to comment!

  2. I love this outfit on you. The skirt and colours are gorgeous.

    Kudos for letting it all "hang out" too. I'm sure you were walking slowly the whole time.


    1. Suzanne!!!! Hello, Friend! Thanks so much. I like to think that if Stevie Nicks wore a short skirt, it would be this one. So 70's. LOVE it! And yes... I was walking slowly, and with my arms strategically placed holding my purse. I'm sure it looked TOTALLY natural!