I'm Cooking Dinner for 150 people... Wanna Help A Sister Out?

So... before I get into what I really want to talk about... this is what I wore to work. The pants are BRIGHT orange in real life. BRIIIIIGHT orange. I cannot stress that enough. I figured that since this is a Personal Style Blog, that I should say at least one thing about the outfit. So, there you have it. Orange.

AnyWHO... onto more important things.

I have been really struggling lately with the feeling that I am not doing enough to help people who need it. Like, I am turning a blind eye to what is uncomfortable and I am living in my own little bubble. I hate to admit that, but it is true. I read all of these books about greatness, watch TV programs and documentaries that inspire me, collect quotes about living boldly... and yet... most of my days are filled with going to work, taking/editing photographs, going to the gym, blogging, and hanging out with my loved ones. Not that there is anything wrong with any of those things, but sometimes it doesn't feel like enough.  There is a HUGE world out there and there are so many things in it that bring me to tears, but yet... don't necessarily spring me into action. Know what I am sayin'?

So... I started brainstorming things that I could do in my community (with a group of like minded women, maybe??? hint... hint... ) to help out somewhere. I decided to purchase, make, and serve dinner to the working poor/homeless in Charlotte at a local Homeless Resource Center uptown. This is not an Sunday family dinner size crew we are talking about here... it's 150 people. Yup. I am not made of money, but I am going to figure out a way to buy that much food, make that much food, transport that much food uptown, and serve it. AND..... here's the goocher... I already committed to doing it, so even if I have to go at it alone, it's getting done. That being said... I hope that I don't have to do this shit alone. Is anyone interested in getting involved?  I need some help, Mamacitas!!!!

So... here is was hoping for:

1. To gather women volunteers (6-8 of them) who live in/around Charlotte and are available the ENTIRE day of Friday, September 20th. I am going to take a personal day from work. We will need to meet up around 10am, and may not finish serving the food until 7pm. A full 9-hour commitment. (I figure that this first event would be women only, then if it catches fire we can expand to include our male counterparts.)

2. For this event, I'd ask that only women who can commit to contributing $50 towards the cost of the meal volunteer. We need to buy a main course, side(s), drink, and dessert for 150 people. I already have a cost-effective meal in mind, so I'll plan all of that out for us. I will just need $50 (maybe less depending on the total cost, but not a penny more than $50) in cash from everyone the morning of 9/20.

3. That's it. We will meet up on Friday, September 20th... get what we need at Costo in the morning... prepare it... package it up... drive it uptown... and serve it.

If you are interested, can commit to the whole day, and are willing to contribute (up to) $50 for food please let me know.

You can FB message me, Instagram me, or send me an e-mail (ModaFrescaBlog@gmail.com).

Please only volunteer for this if you really can do it. There is nothing that pisses me off more than counting on someone to do something like this and they bail at the last minute jacking everything up. Know what I'm sayin'?

So... is anyone with me? Please?

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