My Hangover Outfit and Family Wedding Weekend Recap

Well... Hello! Allow me to introduce you to my hangover having, drank and ate too much, feet throbbing, bloated, headed from New York to Boston, back to Charlotte in one day outfit. A flowy, over-sized striped shirt, pleather leggings, flip flops, and filthy post-wedding updo hair. I had cute little gold sandals on initially, but they broke so I ran (barefoot) into a shoe store (not my finest moment) and bought these little Nike sandals.  They have this great padding on the bottoms. They were like air mattresses for my feet and although not very "stylish"... probably the best things I have bought this fiscal quarter.

We spent the weekend in New York celebrating my last little, baby brother's wedding. I have 4 brother's and they are all married off now... 3 of the 4 in the last calendar year. It's been a whirlwind to say the least! This is a little recap of the weekend. IT.WAS.AWESOME.

We went swimming and hung out with my nephews and ate... and ate... and ate. We had traditional Italian food... REALLY good red sauce, cannolis, and my ManFriend even found his beloved southern staple, GRITS, in NY at his favorite diner.

I'm a DIY'er when it comes to my hair and makeup. It never fails that I end up hating it when someone else does it. So... instead of paying for it, having a meltdown and re-doing it myself, I now just do it myself from jump. Here is my homemade wedding 'do. 
This is a pic of my bridesmaids dress, my Stepmom in her MOG dress (Best Mother of the Groom I have ever seen. For real. Why are they usually so terrible?) and my ManFriend in his adorable bow tie.
My brother, Michael, and I went through old photos from my grandma's house this weekend and these are two that I took pictures of on my cell phone. My dad and me on a his motorcycle, and me showing off a new nightgown, circa 1983. Classic. There were hundreds of photos. I got lost in them.

Wedding Day!!! My little brother and his new WIFEY saying their vows, my dad and stepmom walking down the aisle, my Dad and Grandma dancing together, and my brother, Mike and his wife having a moment. So cute.  Oh... best part. The tatted up (look at those knuckles) bearded dude marrying them... the SAME guy that married my Dad and Stepmom 28 years AGO! Theirs was his first wedding and this was his last. How awesome is that?!?!?

Reception details. LOVED all of the Pinterest ideas. The cute "H" with B&W photos documenting the course of their relationship, the MR. & MRS. letters on the head table, and the simple, white, tiered wedding cake with fresh flowers. Perfect. So cute! 

Random cell phone photos from the day. The Bride and Groom... Me smooching my Love... My Dad and Stepmom, and My Bro.... (NOT drunk AT ALL... clearly.. hahaha). Family weddings and weekends at home. ALWAYS a good time... and NEVER a dull moment.

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  1. Melissa, you and your man friend make such a cute couple. I cant believe how quickly your hair grow that you already can do a Donut. I had a bob three years ago and it took me a year to get your lenght in WHAT 3 months? your one shoulder Magenta Dress is super adorable. Seems like you had a great Family Party :-)