SNO Recap and my Fashion Hangover Outfit

Opening up the show!
Effie (the SNO creator and my dear friend) right before I went onstage. I don't look too nervous, BUT, I was piss my pants nervous in reality.
The Crew.
The baddest biiiiitches.
My loves: Manfriend, Krista, and my Sissy-In-Law, Brie.
Who has hot friends??? THIS girl right here!! First pic is of some of my girls, including Jackie (the owner of LOTUS) in that FANFRIGGINTASTIC mint green sequins gown! DAMN! The second pic... these two are my bad-ass Pilates teachers (and friends) who came out to support me. We are like a little Pilates Family at this point. Love you guys!
This is my little brother (so handsome) and his beautiful wifey. I styled my Manfriend, and my brother for the event (buying clothes for men is just as fun as buying them for women), and my SIL is rocking one of my FAVE vintage LOTUS dresses (I got it a few years ago) with a newer necklace from Vestique. So pretty, and how much do you love her hair? I die.
THIS makes me actually want to get married. WOWZERS.
The calm before the beautiful storm.
My Sweet Love and biggest supporter... and the SNO13 FINALE!!!!!

Hey... Hey... Hey!!!! Above are some of the pics (in my phone and on my camera) from Style Night Out 2013. It was a GOREGEOUS evening and an AH-MAAAAAAZING show!!!!! SO.MUCH.FUN!

I hosted the "red" carpet (it was pink in honor of our Breast Cancer charity partner) and opened up the show with a little speech about how SNO is a celebration of fashion, and of our city, and then I told the story of how my friend, Effie (pictured above) started/created the event 4 years ago. I had the piece of paper with my thoughts on it in my hand, but I never looked at it. I just kind of winged it, and (unless everyone is lying to me) I think it went pretty well! (And I feel ridiculously honored and humbled to have been asked to do it.)

I went with a TOTALLY different look than last year. A head to toe white dress is aggressive. I mean, what do you want to wear when you want to look enormous???? Head to toe white. I have seen some BAD pictures, taken from some BAD angles and I wanted to slit my wrists, but whatever. All in all I was happy with the look, and managed not to spill anything on myself (or have any boob slippage). WINNING! I made sure my hair was NICE and dirty before attempting to do this up-do. I washed it on Sunday... SNO was on Thursday. It was good and filthy by then. I put it up at like 7am and it lasted ALL night. LIKE A BOSS. I also had a little DIY hair accessory going for me. I took a flower, hot glued it to a barrette and stuck it in my head. Done and done.

The weather was great. The people were GORGEOUS. The show was stunning and it all went off without a hitch. THOSE are the positives. The negatives are that I am a dumbASS. I didn't eat any solid food all day (again... head to toe white)... by the end of the show... I.WAS.STAAAARVING. So... when my boyfriend and all of the house guests we had staying with us suggested late night, fast food drive-through food, I was ALL about it. Scumbag. I ate so much shit. THEN... I literally collapsed into the bed from exhaustion. WITH all of my makeup on (including lipstick and false eyelashes) and my hair still up (flower in it). I woke up not only LOOKING like a complete crack HO, but my head was THROBBING from sleeping on all of the bobby pins. What a shithead, right?

So... this is my look today. A sweatshirt, leggings, and flats. I DID finally wash my hair though (twice just to be safe). This is my Fashion Hangover Outfit. Creative. I know.

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