The Shirt That Almost Wasn't, and an Alcohol-Free October...

I wore this on Saturday afternoon... but only for about 2 hours, so chances are extremely high that I will be wearing it again this weekend. I wanted to wear my chambray (denim) shirt (yes.. AGAIN) with these jeans, but it was dirty and I had no idea where it was (laundry room... closet... wrapped up in a wet towel smelling all musty and nasty... no telling, really). So, I grabbed this old button down. This button down is an item I almost always have in the "maybe" pile when I am cleaning out my closet; it's a bit on the "preppy" side for my taste normally and I rarely wear it, BUT the logical side of my brain knows that it is just too classic to get rid of. I can wear it to work, tuck it in, leave it un-tucked, layer it under sweaters, or over t-shirt, etc. I grabbed it to wear with my comfy green jeans, but the two items alone looked a bit too basic. I didn't feel like layering a lot of necklaces on to spice it up (too lazy), so I went to my go-to fall accessory... the scarf. I love print/pattern-mixing, and this is my favorite scarf. This is a great weekend outfit. Comfortable, put together but not fussy, and will look just as good with brown boots once it gets a bit chillier outside. BINGO!


You know how I like to give myself little "challenges" at the beginning of new months sometimes? Well, this month, I have decided that I am not going to drink any alcohol. That is going to sound like a piece of cake to some of you, and a statement bordering on insanity to others. Maybe it was the weekend of complete gluttony that made me decide to give it up for a while. I drank Thursday night (at Style Night Out), Friday night (sipping Sangria at the house), Saturday night (having "a couple" of people over morphed into a legit house party), AND Sunday (a couple of mimosas during the football games). THAT is A LOT of alcohol. I drank more days last week than I DIDN'T drink????!!!!???? What the???

Reasons to slow my role:

1. I workout and eat right (most of the time). Drinking a lot of alcohol is counter-intuitive to that. "Ummm... No, thanks... I'm not going to have that delicious dessert that I really want for fear that it will just end up on my ass (in the form of dimples)". BUT, I'll easily bust down 1,000 + extra calories in champagne, hard cider, sangria, and/or wine. Come on. That does not make much sense, now does it??? Especially when I factor in the fact that when I DO drink, I become a lot more susceptible to eating CRAP. Late night diner food? Okay. A drive-through? Sounds like a swell idea. OR the opposite happens, I'll have a few glasses of wine, it will suppress my appetite and I'll go to bed w/o eating anything nutritious (and wake up ravenous).

2. Sleep. I don't sleep well as it is. When I drink I end up really dehydrated, and really hot and I wake up (a lot). It takes me a good 2 additional nights of sleep to make up for 1 night of drinking.

3. I don't need to spend the money on it.

4. I love it. I LOVE a glass of wine, or champagne. I mean... REALLY enjoy it. SO... I want to see if I have the wherewithal and strength to decline it (especially in a month where we have a lot of social things going on). It wouldn't be called a "challenge" if it was easy, right? So...

Let alcohol-free October commence... (I'll keep you posted).

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  1. Good Luck! I'm sure you'll manage.

    Funny enough I used to want to drink a glass of wine every night and haven't do so in about a year. Just decided that it wasn't worth the calories.

    I love the scarf.