Summer Dress and a Choke Hold


I haven't been posting much lately because the last 2 weeks have been INsane ("insane in the membrane"... Cyprus Hill... 1993??.... anyone???). We traveled to New York for my brother's wedding 2 weeks ago, flew back, unpacked, caught up with work, paid bills, did laundry, cleaned the house, repacked, prepared to leave work again, and then drove 5 hours to Jekyll Island, Georgia last weekend to attend the wedding I have been styling/helping to plan for the last year! WHEW!

This is what I wore to the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding. Speaking of this dress... I have had it for about 4 years and only worn it once. Why you ask? Because I am a complete moron. I have no idea why. It's pretty freakin' great, right? Bright color, cute abstract print, cut out sleeves, sassy and short, a puffy top (a.k.a - eat and drink as much as you want w/o worrying about sucking in your gut). Perfect for summer. PLUS, the color looks pretty good with a tan... which I managed to get for the first time in 2 years by spending 2 full days in the sun. BOO-YAH!!! I did keep SPF 50 on my face (and a hat, and sunglasses on) though, don't get crazy!  Speaking of spending 2 days in the sun... it must have FRIED my brain, because after an afternoon of day drinking in the pool with the wedding party we were all running a little late for the rehearsal. Not really late... just a bit short on time. Hence the hair. This is exactly how my hair looked while I was IN the pool. I am actually kind of drunk in these pictures. Wet hair and a buzz. Always a lady. Sharp. I know.

I'd like to also point out that while I think this is a pretty cute pic of my Manfriend and me, it looks like I am about to put him in head lock. Nothing screams romance like cutting off someone's air supply, right?

** Blog post featuring the wedding coming up this week, cause who doesn't love looking at weddings? And, if you'd like to see some Senior pictures I took for a girl when I was home, they are on the Photography page. She's ADORABLE.** 

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