Pumpkin-Flavored Summertime

This is one of my favorite summer dresses. It is October, but it was almost 90 degrees here this weekend (it's just wrong to drink pumpkin-flavored things whilst sweating your ass off, don't ya think??? ). It cooled down at night though, so I wore the dress during the day and then threw my favorite little moto jacket over it. I love transition time. It kind of forces you to be more creative than normal. Both the dress and jacket are from LOTUS last year. (Captain Obvious... I know.)

 Also... this HEAD. What the @$#%????!!?!?!?!

I had 2 hair appointments last week that I had to reschedule because of work. FAIL!!!! I know. I will get these roots taken care of ASAP. Pinkie swear. I am creeping into crack-head status with all this growth.

 Also, I switched it up and parted my hair down the middle. I haven't done that in about 2 years. Why?? (or maybe you don't care, but either way...)

Two reasons: 1st: ... I always have bangs that make a center part nearly impossible and they are now just starting to grow out a bit. 2nd: Back in the day, a "friend" of mine told me that a center part looked awful on me. She hated it, and claimed that she showed a picture of me to her husband and his exact words were "why would she wear her hair that way?". Yes. True Story. Scarred me. Until I realized that I don't give a damn if two people that I rarely see hate it. Eff 'em. EFF....THEM.

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  1. I actually think your hair looks fab. I wish I could get my hair to look that good.