The Sock Dress

I kind of felt like a life-size sock in this dress. It's just one long piece of material (no buttons, no zippers, no waistband). I love the dress, but it does look a lot like a man's dress sock, right? I should know. I just did about 5 loads of my manfriend's laundry and I SWEAR to you that one full load was entirely made up of nothing but dress socks; the ONLY things I REFUSE to fold.

I hate matching my own socks, so I'll be damned if I'm matching another person's. Know what I'm saying? You must draw the line somewhere, and I draw the line at matching socks.  I will clean the entire house, do the dishes, change out sheets, redecorate, clean base boards... showers... toilets, vacuum, mop, make dinner, pick up before and after parties, clean out closets, organize and donate clothes, pick up wet towels, clean the stubble from his bathroom sink, make sure his football jersey is clean every week before the big game, fold every other article of clothing he owns, AND do it with a smile because he does that much and MORE for me (seriously, he's kind of the bomb), but I will NOT... NOT match up his socks. Or anyone else's for that matter.  Although, if... and it's a big "IF"... I ever decide to have kids I will match up the socks of my offspring (until hypothetical child is 9 years old, then they are on their own).

If you have a busy life and you just wasted 3 minutes of it reading this rant about socks, I apologize. 


  1. Personally I think you look hot in this body sock. I think large socks suit you.


    1. "Body Sock" BAHAHAHAHAHAHA... I love it. I will NOW refer to this dress ONLY as THE BODY SOCK. Classic!!!

      The only thing "wrong" with it is that it is not long enough to wear with heels, which, as you know.. is unacceptable!