Bet You're Glad You're Not My Sibling...

Coat: online somewhere?, Skirt: TJ Maxx, Shoes: LOTUS, Shirt: Old Navy, Necklace: Aldo, Watch: Michael Kors

This is what I wore to work yesterday. Yesterday was my brother, Joshua's, actual birthday. He turned 29. I like getting the drop on Josh. Surprising... or should I say, embarrassing him for his birthday and I have a long history of doing so.

When he was 13 and in the 7th grade, I was 18, and a Senior in High School (a.k.a- he was a "small" fish, and I was a "big" fish).

I always went to the art room before school my senior year, and on the day of Josh's birthday I painted an ENORMOUS banner for him... like 4ft x 6ft. I then busted in on him in his first period homeroom.

A friend of mine and I carried the ridiculosy large banner into the room he was in, stopped the class, sang "Happy Birthday" to him until he was throbbing, BEAT red in the face, and then hung the 6-foot banner that read... "HAPPY 13th BIRTHDAY, JOSHY! Love, your Sister" on the wall of the hallway in the wing where his locker was.

I was convinced that he was not going to speak to me for a week after that (I embarrassed him so bad, he had forehead sweat). But... that little punkin-head kept that banner on the wall all day long, and 7 years later when he moved in with me (after just relocating to Charlotte)... guess what he unpacked???? THAT.DAMN.BANNER. Yup. True story. He kept it all those years.

I'm sure it's long gone by now, but that's pretty sweet, huh? Makes me kind of tear up  thinking about it now.

This year I didn't pull any major stunts like that, but I did reach out to a co-worker of his and ask her to meet me at a bakery uptown the morning of his birthday. I bought him all sorts of pastries and mini-cakes, and then had our friend sneak me up onto his floor into his office where I stood (creepily) behind him for 5 minutes waiting for him to get off of the phone. Once he was off, I walked up behind him and said..."yeah, Dude... way to close the deal... good job, Killer!" He whipped around like he saw a ghost and then busted out laughing. I handed him his birthday treats and was on my way... but not before he turned 8 shades of crimson. Mission Accomplished!

If you're reading this, Joshy... (or Brie, if you are reading this to him)... Happy Birthday, Buddy. I am so proud of you and I love you SO much (even if I have a funny way of showing it sometimes).

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